By: Moshood Muhammed

Overtime, I have had to discuss with Nigerians from different ethnic background. One thing that is peculiar to most of them is that they do no longer care about their root – village or hometown. The reason is not far-fetched, pointing towards the same direction.

They had, at one point in time been told scary, totally bad and ridiculously sad stories of their parents’ ordeals, associates and relatives in the hands of their kinsmen or family members, while they held sway in their hometowns, villages or when they were all in contact with their progenitors.

Hence, many of these people have refused to go back home while offspring, most of those have personally interacted with, now fully grown up don’t know their roots.

Thanks to the internet facility which has earned us all global citizenship. The opportunity available to us to equally settle anywhere we wish is nothing but a good one. But, the Yoruba aphorism; omo to ba so ile nu, so apo iya ko, meaning (he who neglects home risks misfortune) may not be totally irrelevant to those set of people.

But, would one say because you don’t want to lose your place in the family or root get seriously ‘africally’ dealt with by one’s supposed brothers or sisters?

Asides the fact that children of people in this category will not know their homes, they may never be able to have anything to do with their people, culture, norms and values, relatives, especially those who are not fortunate to access the town nor have access to the use of the media in reaching them.

Why can’t we as Africans and Nigerians accept ourselves warmly, encourage our people to visit home so that we can collectively make our villages or homes great, without having to sell our collective heritage in terms of rich culture we are blessed with? The sad story is, most homes in those villages and towns have been badly overgrown with weeds or less taken care of while many have deserted those places, leaving their people in penury and abject poverty.

As good as technological revolution is, it is capable of robbing us treasures through the internet, social media, films, music, that we are long known for in exchange of chaff.

By and large, envy and unhealthy rivalry will continue to water our downfall and fuel our generational retrogression, leading us to remain in perilous condition. The truth we must hold is that no amount of developmental goals can come to fruition in the absence of love, unity and peaceful co-existence.

Also, our rich culture and tradition is due for extinction should our people continue to flee unabated.

The implication of an ordinary African’s greediness has cost the continent a lot. It is important for us, as a people learn to accommodate ourselves and use whatever power we have to support the other man who is struggling while disbanding the thoughts of hurting those who have in one way or the other made headway, not even at a time things have become so hard for people, owing to economic pressure. This has seen many people commit suicide while others are faring sorrily in destituteness.

Our lives run on different journey path; it will be better each and everyone runs his/her race well in the face of destiny.

We will all arrive at our destinations at the appropriate time. Let’s give love a chance!



  1. Comrade Balogun Ibrahim

    Let’s give Love a chance!
    Lovely one from a powerful comrade and lovely brother. Impacting the present and incoming generations with your knowledge positively.
    The sky is your starting point.



  2. Comrade Adefala Fatai

    Let’s give love a chance
    It is indeed sacrosanct to remember the love shared among our fore fathers and how they have solely work hard so we could have a better place to live which we are partly enjoying now,should we now eradicate the LOVE in our life even though some of our polital leaders have no iota of love for the citizen,I believe if you and I starts cultivating the habit of loving one another now gradually we are both striving at eradicating corruption in our great country so therefore preparing for a better Nigeria. I support this motion
    Let’s give love a chance



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