By: Moshood Muhammed

While surfing the internet last night to satisfy some ‘needs’,  I found myself on Twitter. This was exactly at about some minutes past eleven. 

Thereafter, I stumbled on the Trending List and saw an hashtag, #AskTheresaMay. 

Astonishingly fascinated, I browsed through conversation and saw how interesting the chat was. It was a kinda media hangout between the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May and the citizens. 

The inclusion and participation of the people, mostly the females in the discussion wowed me. It showed they are fully into the governance of leadership of the country. This is not the first time I saw something like that. 

Our mothers, ladies and sisters need to do something like this and even more. 

The women are synonymous to home making and building. It is incontestable that they take care of home. Then, why are they missing in their role towards building the Nigeria of our dream? 

I suppose their apathy for politics, non participation in governance and leadership of the country is responsible for our present predicament. Their place is no longer in the kitchen or the other rooms, we need them on the ‘field’. 

Moving forward, we need an all inclusive movement of the Nigerian people, the genuine Nigerians and the most concerned.

I agree the level of illiteracy may debar the ‘most’ Nigerian women, but, our mothers on social media should not (with due respect) just come on cyberspace to upload pictures and chat with friends alone, we need them to lend their voice and contribute their quota. 

This may brighten  further give many of them the opportunity of occupying positions in the state political scene. They can’t continue to complain of marginalisation and keep mute, doing nothing, beyond being used and dumped during elections as we have our in some parts of the country, and termed “irrelevant”.

Beyond social media, there is a need for them to start reaching out to themselves, across the length and breadth of the country.

Should they fail to be a part of the “struggle”, apart from the fact that history will not be kind to them, their children and the unborn may curse us all.

Everyone of us MUST do this together and #GetInvolved and #StandWith9ja. 

Let salvage this country together; tomorrow may be too late. Join the struggle!

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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