By: Moshood Muhammed 

Just when I thought people will reason alongside an honourable path in course of doing business as men and women of the modern Nigerian  we clamour for,  by turning a new leaf, an artisan nearly took me for a ride and widen the scope of corruption in this country while I was placed on an assignment this week.

To us, corruption exists among the rank and file in the country. But, like an abandoned uncompleted building, the weed of corruption has today overgrown and taken over the whole state because we are not playing our part.

Having seated for close to an hour in an establishment, the transaction was concluded and based on agreement, I had to leave with a man introduced to be the one who would “complete the deal”. I left the office, with the hope of getting a tricycle, otherwise known as Keke Napep (that is the alternative source of transportation here) asides taxi and bus. Then, this man offered to carry me in his car. What a good man I thought. At least, that would save cost.

We got into the car; he asked me if I had some money for a particular item, it was a No for me. I asked for what that would cost, he said two thousand, five hundred hundred Nigerian naira (#2,500). I told him we may have to communicate the sponsor of the project or I remove from his workmanship fee, while he gets a repay on completion of work. He answered in affirmative. 

My love for him grew, not knowing I was was in for a drama.  

He stopped to buy the said material on the way, leaving me behind in the car, hoping I was going to stay. I called him back, asked him to remove the car key.

I entered the store before him; he mentioned what he wanted, we were swiftly attended to by the sales rep. Asked for the cost implication, the lady said One Thousand Naira; I couldn’t but smile. With that decision, a thousand and five hundred naira had been saved (though the money was not mine, but I was happy).

By that, he had spoilt the first impression he gave. He had displayed a mere cosmetic love for humanity. We got to our destination and he had to start the completion of his assignment. 

While in the car, I couldn’t but keep thinking about what had transpired in few minutes of my interaction and engagement with the young, energetic and enterprising man. What would have happened, if I had not kept an eye on him and monitored his activities. This is what we mostly do as Nigerians, while we languish in pool of complaints thereafter. 

He had displayed sheer fraudulent act. Now, I see reason why some people would tell you they can never contract job to a Nigerian. Is there any sphere Nigerians can be trusted at all? Check it yourself, we don’t have any respect, even globally.

The man in question had charged for his service and agreement reached. He had shown his commitment and by nature should be satisfied with what he had signed for. That wasn’t for him. This is the case with many business men and women out there. Every opportunity to rip clients off are sought, whenever contracts are awarded. 

Our country, Nigeria is an haven of this. This is exactly how most public projects are handled. Prices of projects are over inflated while a larger percentage of the fund allocated for projects are pocketed by some people, doing very little or nothing, thus causing deaths of many, while terror of untold hardship and misfortune are unleashed on the people. 

To say Nigerian highways have become a death sharing avenue is not to say the least while buildings wouldn’t stop collapsing.

Flamboyant lifestyle and covetous nature of humans, with special honorific rank for Nigerians are reasons for this ingloriously saddening occurrences.

What the young man committed is not only a sin against God and its commandment, it is also a crime against human race and war on unborn generations. Every of our actions and inactions could be inimical to others. We have to watch it well. 

Doing business or making so much money from business or venture does not make one rich, only God gives wealth, to whatsoever he pleases. Many lives have been lost while destinies ruined all in a bid to amass wealth and live big. 


Do not relax when you contact job to someone, watch them closely. Most artisans or business persons have thievery tendencies. Our politicians are like them. 

If you are to supervise a project for someone, do not be carefree about it. Be concerned about what is done in there, so as not to endanger lives of others and give corruption a free ride. This is where most of us and our politicians err. We as individuals have become syndicates of these supposedly divinely condemned  souls. 

Compatriots, let stop watering the plants of corruption, lawlessness and insanity. Nigeria must rise, only if you play your parts. #StandWith9ja 

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


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