​By: Moshood Muhammed 

As it stands today, the youths of the country are very much against each other. And no one is ready to willingly cede leadership position to the other, even if available without needless antagonistic posture. Why you may ask? 

It is not out of place to state that lack of trust, scary, rotten antecedents and ego are reasons for this.

From another perspective, most of us are not only corrupt, but brilliantly and skillfully corrupt from behind like our daddies. You can blame this on lack of the right view of leadership and mentorship from them. 

Even at that, we are not ready to change our own stories and develop the will required to make a meaningful and fruitful change, required by our people. 

All these have continued unabated. Yet, this is the time our campaign for youths in the country’s leadership has gathered the most of momentum. So, can we truly have the opportunity to have atleast a youthful and resourceful President, Governors, Senators, House of Representative members et al on this manner, bearing in mind our affiliations and involvement with the present crop of political parties, its ideologies and overt and covert activities?   

The question most youths have continued to raise,and have battled overtime is, “even if one decides to lead the pack of youths for what we all seek, who are those who will back your leadership to succeed”?

We can blame our leaders, but what stuffs are we made of? 


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