By: Aremu iyanuoluwa Olowosokedile Owolabi 

The latest report credited to the Hon. Minister of Communication and Culture, Alhaji lai Mohammed, which stated that President Muhammadu Buhari has given instructions that files on his table be transferred to his living room for attention is not only annoying, but shows how wicked a man could be to himself, family and the country at large. 

The presence of the president means a lot to the affairs of the country he leads. This scenario gas confirmed Buharis incapability to run the country, he jostled to lead. PMB CSO sacked The Punch reporter from the Aso Villa, in what appears a clampdown on the media among issues that have played out in recent time confirmed this assertion.

Furthermore, the suspension of the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal also raised some questions as to who is really in charge of the government of the federation when the obviously shocked Lawal asked reporters repeatedly; “who is the presidency?” It is either he means he does not know the structure of the government he works with; Buhari cannot touch him or he (PMB) is no longer that healthy to make such decision?

Recall the stand of President Buhari when the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua was battling his illness, he had advised the late president to step aside, so he could take care of himself while also challenging the National Assembly to declare his seat vacant. 

There is to doubt the fact that Nigerian presidency like other leadership positions require people with good health conditions. Though, you may say death or ill health does not give prior notice, but we must be very conscious of our health and it better to die peacefully rather than die in pains, while leaving millions pf people, such in our case in the country on an heated polity. 

With the crop of politicians we have now, it would be impossible for the president to give instructions from home and expect them to comply. The truth, from recent drama from the seat of power indicates that many of these individuals are readily power brokers, no thanks to the health conditions of the President. 

Should these be allowed to continue, unabated, we may be in got a state of anarchy in no time. Based on this, the president should be honourable to hand over machineries of power to his vice to allow him continue from where he has stopped while he keeps resting in peace. 

God bless Nigeria. 

I #Standwith9ja


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