​Isn’t this Insanity taken too far? 

By: Moshood Muhammed 
Surely, everyone wishes to survive, even as hard time bites harder. Yet, how do we place the inanities and insanities that have pervaded our clime this long? 

Wrongdoings such as killings, kidnapping for ransom and drug peddling is mostly common among youths and the men folks. Though, our mothers and ladies have joined the bad wagon. But, how do you place it when grannies ingest wraps of illicit drugs, for delivery abroad? 

The long arm of law recently caught up with two grandmas (60 and 59 years of age)  when officials of National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) arrested them, while preparing to leave the country for New York and Saudi Arabia respectively. 

They blamed their involvement on financial crisis and the need for them to survive, alleging that they were “cajoled” into the business. 

Asides being ridiculously bad, for people of their age, going by our culture as Africans, activities like theirs have continued to give our country a bad image out there. Nigerians who travel abroad still lament the  “special treatment” they get in hands of security operatives in Obodo Oyinbo. Lives as well have been ruined by that business of theirs while capital punishment remains the stance of most countries of the world, for those who engage in such venture. 

Beyond this, however, is financial incapacitation enough a reason for people of that age range to engage in such act? 

What sort of legacies are they leaving behind for their grand children? 

How will society receive and perceive children from those homes? I don’t understand!

Can someone help me?


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