By: Moshood Muhammed 
It might have happened on different days, but, it was reported and made public the same day. It is no other thing than the decampment of two politicians in Nigeria. 

The first is the immediate past governor of Enugu State, Mr. Sullivan Chime and a former Minister of the federation, Musiliu Obanikoro, both of the then ruling PDP and now “major” opposition party in the country. While the former was accepted into the moving canoe of the progressive party in his hometown of Udi, attended by Chief John Odigie Oyegun, the National Chairman of APC and Waziri Aminu Tambuwal, governor of Sokoto state among others, the latter’s choice decision remains in the media reports. 

Though, the constitution of the country allows for individual choices of alignment with regards to political parties and its membership, it must be noted that the manners in which these people conduct their political business is worrisome, detrimental and anti-people. 

This has further lent voice of reasoning to call and insinuations by Nigerians of good conscience that our politicians are the same, and that there is always a point (at the top) when they agree and reach a compromise is not short of reality of happenings. 

The duo who were ousted by APC, by virtue of their partisanship of the PDP are believed to be having corruption cases hanging and dangling on their necks, yet, they have been admitted into the CHANGE party of the world, and by their new admission, have become PROGRESSIVES. This is not the first of decampment seen as far as this regime is concerned. Many have jumped fence to the toast of the moment and have continued to enjoy the yam in their possession, almost unquestioned. This is in lieu of the biblical and popular “Go ye and sin no more”.

Even, Chief Oyegun, while speaking on reasons why Chime left the former ruling party said it was not to escape prosecution for corruption allegation against him. (Baba knows the truth. Isn’t it?) 

It is not out of reality to state that this brand of politics is inimical and consequential to our development as a people and democratic state. 

With this continuous and unceremonious migration, with obvious view and possibility of escaping trial and prosecution, thus leading to prolong hoarding of the looted yams, reasonable mind in the People’s Assembly of Nigeria should stop at nothing in questioning the integrity of the party that was “overwhelming” voted in the 2015 elections and its anti corruption campaign. 

Beyond this, should these political figure gets patted at the back on cases preferred against them, then, Nigerians are worried if the seriousness of the present administration in rescuing Nigeria. As such, genuine Nigerians must not close their eyes and watch things go far out of hand. Rather than stand with those who have looted the country dry, based on party affiliation, it is better you #StandWith9ja and work for its greatness. 

You too can be a Nigerian representative. 

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria! 



  1. simileo

    The fight against corruption should not be left to the hands of politicians else, they would fight against their political enemies claiming they are all corrupt.
    Permit me to suggest that until our corruption-fighting institutions are totally independent and very much strengthened we shouldn’t expect much.
    Nigeria is so corrupt that it will take another generation of politicians to override this devilish system.
    Finally, we aalways find sycophants cheering our corrupt clan;_ making them seem like they can do no wrong. When we support corrupt leaders or parties we aren’t victims we’re accomplices.

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