By: Moshood Muhammed 
So cheered to hear the “rescue” of 82 Chibok girls who were hitherto held by the Boko Haram Sect.

As much as it is important and impressive that we have got them, while hoping we get more and the rest of them in the next few days,  I feel very sad that those girls were actually and indeed, as reported by media swapped with “suspected” Boko Haram soldiers. 

To this end, I have kept asking myself these questions. I hope someone will be generous enough to help my ignorance. 

If “suspected” terrorists could have been swapped with girls the whole world had hoped for their release for three years, what has been happening to those terrorists (suspected) since all these years? 

If we actually knew that they were terrorists and could be exchanged for our dear girls, why were they not negotiated before now? 

Why were these “suspected” terrorists not tried, considering the damages their activities have done to us? 

Will the remaining girls be swapped with these deadly beasts called Boko Haram? If yes, are we not preparing for another show down? 

Would the release of some of these “suspected” terrorists not further empower and strengthen the “technically defeated” Boko Haram boys to cause more harm to the country, days after the leader of the sect, “Shekau” debunked the insinuations of his murder in an air strike? 

Hope some people are not secretly smiling to the bank with activities of these Boko boys and will continue to do with the swapping of the “suspected” terrorists?



  1. simileo

    First things first, we are grateful that these girls are back alive. Government’s impertinence and poor intellegience gathering have been the main reasons amongst others why these girls have been taken away from their homes for too long.
    Nonetheless, I always have a bit of headache with how buhari’s government manages sensitive information. The negotiations should not have been made known for public consumption, or are they expecting applause for letting dangerous criminal elements out of confinement.
    However, the deed has been done, I pray the release of the remaining girls, hoping their lives will not be bargaining chips holding the nation to Ransome. Let the government focus on the most important; crime prevention. We hope never to go through what we’ve gone through before.

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