Benue Killings: An Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari


Herdsmen at work

By Matthew Abur

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

First of all, permit me to wish you a Happy New Year. A year that has greeted us with both good and tragic occurrences. Let me also use this medium to console you over your sons recent involvement in an accident. I would like to point out that God has demonstrated his mercy by giving you another lease of life having survived the onslaught of sickness last year. I must remind you that while you were away, the good people of Benue State who have been hungry due to unpaid salaries turned that as a valid opportunity to fast and pray for your quick recovery and final extinction of rats from your office but their reward from all these labour is total neglect and abandonment.

President Muhammadu Buhari: Time to act is now!

Mr President Sir, permit me to inform you that the good people of Benue State have for a long time been under the oppression of some terrorist groups under the auspices of herdsmen maiming and killing innocent citizens of the state as well as destroying properties worth billions of naira but however, none of these man’s inhumanity to man has attracted a condemnation from you or perhaps from the government at the centre. You only coughed mucous out of your nose when some angry youths took the streets recently to protest in makurdi.

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue

You have never for once stepped your feet on the shores of Benue soil to see things for yourself. Are the Fulani herdsmen who have continued to kill thousands in Benue State and indeed all over some states not qualified to be declared a terrorist group? This question demands a quick answer my president.Injustice must not be allowed to put stains on our nation flag which claim to uphold unity.

Sir, when two persons were killed in a bomb blast in the North East, we saw your prompt response. Multitudes have continued to rush to the grave living many orphans, widows and some homeless in Benue State and some states. Are we now strangers in Nigeria not to be qualified for same equal rights of enjoying security and sleeping with our two eyes closed? If we continue to keep silent and not find a lasting solution thinking this is only a Benue problem, who knows where these terrorists groups will launch their next attack?

I write this letter from a bitter heart having seen the level of recent killings in Guma Local government of Benue State. I therefore call for a quick intervention from the federal government. Let me remind you that Benue people are very strong and have all it takes to quell all these by taking laws into their hands but since their victory during the jukum crises in 2003, they resolved for peace and that is what they have been known for since then. That is why they democratically passed the anti-open grazing bill into law in 2017.

Mr President, can you demonstrate that love for Benue citizens by excluding both religious and tribal sentiments on your innermost heart and deploying heavy security presence to help protect lives and properties and as well nip to bud the perpetrators of these ills and killings. The rate of blood been she’d by these herdsmen have turned the colour of the popular Benue river into a different colour and if quick measures are not taken, who knows where this blood will flow and empty to next time? The fact that this act of terrorism is hitting hard on Benue today does not mean it will not aggravate but my prayer is that Mr President will address this issue once and for all.

Mr President Sir, l therefore call on you to take proactive actions in taming the raging activities of these terrorists groups in Nigeria. It is time to arise and declare war on boko-herdsmen in Nigeria Mr President. All these silence does not speak well of your government.The IGP and other sister security agencies needs to rise up to their task and ensure that these terrorists are crushed to their feet. All these silence are sending a different signal in the mind of Benue people and indeed well meaning Nigerians.

It’s time to arise and declare war on boko-fulani herdsmen.Enough is enough! We need Equality in Nigeria. We need peace not war! Arise Mr President and Save us from Fulani herdsmen/Terrorists.

Cc: Senate President and all Senators
Cc:Speaker, House of Representatives and all members.
Cc: All Nigerian Governors
Cc: Inspector General of Police and All Security Agencies
Cc: Benue sons and daughters in Diaspora


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