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This piece is a summary of an online seminar on the topic, “GETTING BETTER IN THE YEAR 2018”, held on Thursday, January 11, 2018.


This is a new year. Who has thought of achieving something meaningful this year? How to get ahead is what we are discussing tonight. With what you have in mind, to get them achieved, you gave to be a better person.

Yes, better than what you were the year before. If you get better, certainly, you would achieve your aim this year. That is why some people, at the end of every year have a draft of what they call NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

If don’t have one yet, and wishes to get better in the new year, it’s never too late to draft yours. You may wonder why you need it, it’s simply because that single document or writing could help you become a better person if you follow your work plan well.

Though, some people who draft New Year Resolution do not achieve their goals. This is because they do not commit themselves to it.
So, to get better, you need one principle. It’s called DISCIPLINE. Now to get started, I’m going to give you a model. This is to be adopted by those who want to make things happen for themselves differently in a new year. And this is one!

Before I talk about the model, I would like to ask that you think of what you wish to achieve this year, think about it very well.

Thinking and soul searching are the first set of actions for you. You have to know what you’re doing or what you wish to do. If that is settled, then, the model I’m gonna give you will help you to achieve them.

Pls note that what I’m giving you is not a magic wand. You may not achieve your dreams or get better if you don’t work towards it. And to work for your dreams, you only need steps. This is model I talked about. The model is GO-SAP.

What does it mean? GO stands for Goal.

What is your goal?

Your goal is what you want to achieve. It may be more than one. In fact, it may be a PSD goal. PSD means Personal Development. Your goal has to be your own product. No one will know your desire more than you do. Someone or persons can only guide you. I hope you’re getting it?

Like I said before, soul searching is one surest way to get what you really want. When you get that, pen it/them down.

You may think. Oh! What I want is to learn a new language. You may in another stance be considering travelling abroad for your studies. Write it/them down!

If you have more than one, nothing is bad in that. The way you go about them would determine what you get out of the year. OK?

After you must have written it down, then, you ‘S’. *S* connotes *Strategy*. You have to strategize. You conduct a background check, know the issues or processes related to what you are aiming at, and work out modalities of getting around them.

If you have got the necessary info, you pen them down in a hierarchical order. Those would form your lines of action. If you want to achieve anything in a year and you have found out issues surrounding same, just arrange them, and break them down into small units. For example, you want to travel abroad to study, you need first get an International passport, know your course of choice, identify your school, apply for the admission and get set…

As you can see, a goal has been broken down. Yours too must be broken down.

As you break them down, you now allocate time to each. The time you allocate will continue to drive you to take care of your goal.

Pls, you must stick to the time you allocate for each. That is why it’s important you DISCIPLINE yourself. Remember I said it earlier. The caveat remains Discipline!

It’s important. The time frame you give each steps must be followed to the latter. It’s important, as a change in the time, in form of extention, will affect the end result.

If you have broken them down into steps, then, you need begin to ACT. ACTION is sine qua non to achieving your dreams. Without ACTION, nothing would be achieved.

You may have many goals, you may wish to achieve many things, but, if you don’t take the bold step and make a move, they will remain as they are – JUST DREAM!

As you get through with a step or level of action, you mark it on your draft, and clap for your self 😀. That shows you’ve done well. Remember, you must get that step done within the timeframe alloted.

If there is a dislocation with your time, there may be a problem. And that may take you extra energy, time or even resources to get it done, if you are fortunate to still have the opportunity. Some opportunity comes once in life time. Once missed, that is the end. I hope you wont allow that be your portion.

If all of these are in place, all you need do again, by virtue of African value, which is ours, is, pray. You’re no doubt familiar with the popular line, *Prayer is the key*.

I should have started with *Prayer*, but, I wouldn’t want to sound too religious or make you look at prayer as the ‘*most important*’. Prayer is though important, but, you must not priotize prayer over effort and the ACTIONS actions needed to make you achieve your desire.

The Holy Books teach us to work and pray. Isn’t it? So, pray for divine intervention and support. And trust me, it would come with ease.
Stick to the rules, stay true to your games, and be optimistic. You need believe in your own efforts and the power of God

As we go on this year, let’s ACT more and talk less. Acta non verba (Deeds Not Words) should be your watchword.

Would you draft your RESOLUTION/PLAN OF ACTION for the year? You should, if you haven’t. And if you have, take a look at it again.

NOTE: How to Search your Soul.

What time of the day or even moment makes you listen to your heart? When you have identified that, then, you’re good to search your soul.

Soul searching, in this sense, is about getting to know what goals you want to achieve. Ask yourself these sincere and probing questions; What do I desire?

Where do I wish to see myself by the end of this year?

What do you want to do differently, etc.

You may have to get a very cool place, relax your mind and think! As the ideas come, draft them down. If you are able to pick anything, which I’m sure you would, that means you have taken a step towards achieving your dream and becoming a better person.


I wish you a very productive year ahead!


The Lecture was delivered by Moshood, Muhammed S.


Feel free to reach Muhammed via


Follow on Twitter; @moshood_m


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