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Story of Taju, the new wonder kid

By: MOSHOOD Muhammed

Help, I believe would get to whosoever it is meant at the appointed time. This is the case of a youngster named Taju, a five year old boy from Ibadan in Oyo state, Nigeria.

Many were taken aback by the rare display of boldness, hilarity and willingness to learn and go to school when he was seen in a video, being questioned by an older person.

The Day Taju was found. (L-R) Taju’s father, father’s sister, Funmi Awelewa, Taju’s grandma and others.

The less than thirty seconds video generated mixed reactions. While many laughed at the funny expressions of the encounter, others condemned the choice of words deployed by the interviewer on the young boy, when he said he did not know the answer to the question; “how old are you?”.

He further revealed during the playful video that he had never been to school!

Taju, as he simply identified himself in the video was based in Ibadan, reportedly with his grandmother. Sources claim the young boy is a product of a broken home. Hence, he found solace under the roof of his grandma.

The new Taju with Muyiwa Ademola

A post by Funmi Awelewa, a Nigerian actor supposedly became the turning point for the young boy.

With Funmi repost of the viral video, popular comedian and entertainer, Ayo Makun, AY, pledged his support once the boy was found. That was how the search for the kid began and he was found, going by social media reports on 13th of June, after the video had gone viral a day before.

Taju and family visit AY in office. Funmi Awelewa, Taju’s benefactor was present.

Presently, an account, under the supervision of Mo Abudu, has been opened to sponsor his education while celebrities such as Falz, Don Jazzy, Muyiwa Ademola, AY among many others have or are believed to have donated to the cause.

Now, Taju has moved to Lagos with the hope of a new beginning.


Getting The Best Out of Nigeria: A Must Read for Youth

By: Afolashade Osho

We often think our future is attached to development of our country. While that it not entirely wrong, it is also not true in its entirety. I’ve stayed a few years on this part of the world to know that the future of our generation can be built by us – everyone – and infact, the youth.

Today in Nigeria, a lot of graduates are out there – job-hunting. They perhaps won’t get one except one is well connected. Despite the mass of unemployment, some of these youngsters proceed on Master’s degree. They prefer to use the little they earn with their graduate certificate to further their academic pursuit instead of focusing fully on life.

While further academic certification is not out of place, I beg to say, you don’t need to be fully educated before success comes knocking on your doors. Many today smile to bank a whole lot with craftsmanship and thousands of business ideas.

I know a few graduates who consider travelling out for their Master’s. This often comes without deep thinking of the implications of their action. Don’t get me wrong, studying in another country would be a plus to your career, but, it’s important to ensure you have solid financial backup. Survival is a major challenge to those who study abroad; even those who are ‘sponsored’ by organizations in Nigeria and government at all levels have at one point in time been faced with financial difficulties. How would you survive in a ‘No-man’s land?’

All other countries can not be like Nigeria where due respect is not accorded to due process. Countries in Europe and Americas, to mention a few, make effort to meet the needs of their citizens, before considering needs of other nationals. Nigeria may put the needs of foreigners first, but such doesn’t happen there.
It is noteworthy for most youth to understand that there is more to life than travelling abroad; many who fund themselves abroad may be counted lucky, but it has never been a bed of roses for them. Many youth have spent fortune on botched oversea travels while thousands have lost their lives in the Medditaranenean sea through Libya, all in a bid to cross over to Europe via Italy. From my experience, living abroad doesn’t mean you have everything you want, it is merely a case of time zone difference and system of government variance.

The question that begs for answer is, why waste money you can gather to survive and establish yourself for a great future on fruitless and uncertain future? There are a lot of people that do not even the leave country and they are making it.

To carve a niche for yourself in that country, get a goal, put up a structure/work modality and work hard. Your goals are just a few steps to success.

As a way to start, personal development should be made a priority – read books, attend seminars, conferences and meet people. In this age, synergy would do.
You can do businesses with your colleagues and like minds. Sometimes, a billion naira idea needed to push you to limelight/wealth may come through brainstorming with likeminds. When you synergize, your knowledge on the particular area would be different from that of your colleague.

Summarily, study yourself, develop your skills and fire on till success becomes your friend.



Source: madison


This piece is a summary of an online seminar on the topic, “GETTING BETTER IN THE YEAR 2018”, held on Thursday, January 11, 2018.


This is a new year. Who has thought of achieving something meaningful this year? How to get ahead is what we are discussing tonight. With what you have in mind, to get them achieved, you gave to be a better person.

Yes, better than what you were the year before. If you get better, certainly, you would achieve your aim this year. That is why some people, at the end of every year have a draft of what they call NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

If don’t have one yet, and wishes to get better in the new year, it’s never too late to draft yours. You may wonder why you need it, it’s simply because that single document or writing could help you become a better person if you follow your work plan well.

Though, some people who draft New Year Resolution do not achieve their goals. This is because they do not commit themselves to it.
So, to get better, you need one principle. It’s called DISCIPLINE. Now to get started, I’m going to give you a model. This is to be adopted by those who want to make things happen for themselves differently in a new year. And this is one!

Before I talk about the model, I would like to ask that you think of what you wish to achieve this year, think about it very well.

Thinking and soul searching are the first set of actions for you. You have to know what you’re doing or what you wish to do. If that is settled, then, the model I’m gonna give you will help you to achieve them.

Pls note that what I’m giving you is not a magic wand. You may not achieve your dreams or get better if you don’t work towards it. And to work for your dreams, you only need steps. This is model I talked about. The model is GO-SAP.

What does it mean? GO stands for Goal.

What is your goal?

Your goal is what you want to achieve. It may be more than one. In fact, it may be a PSD goal. PSD means Personal Development. Your goal has to be your own product. No one will know your desire more than you do. Someone or persons can only guide you. I hope you’re getting it?

Like I said before, soul searching is one surest way to get what you really want. When you get that, pen it/them down.

You may think. Oh! What I want is to learn a new language. You may in another stance be considering travelling abroad for your studies. Write it/them down!

If you have more than one, nothing is bad in that. The way you go about them would determine what you get out of the year. OK?

After you must have written it down, then, you ‘S’. *S* connotes *Strategy*. You have to strategize. You conduct a background check, know the issues or processes related to what you are aiming at, and work out modalities of getting around them.

If you have got the necessary info, you pen them down in a hierarchical order. Those would form your lines of action. If you want to achieve anything in a year and you have found out issues surrounding same, just arrange them, and break them down into small units. For example, you want to travel abroad to study, you need first get an International passport, know your course of choice, identify your school, apply for the admission and get set…

As you can see, a goal has been broken down. Yours too must be broken down.

As you break them down, you now allocate time to each. The time you allocate will continue to drive you to take care of your goal.

Pls, you must stick to the time you allocate for each. That is why it’s important you DISCIPLINE yourself. Remember I said it earlier. The caveat remains Discipline!

It’s important. The time frame you give each steps must be followed to the latter. It’s important, as a change in the time, in form of extention, will affect the end result.

If you have broken them down into steps, then, you need begin to ACT. ACTION is sine qua non to achieving your dreams. Without ACTION, nothing would be achieved.

You may have many goals, you may wish to achieve many things, but, if you don’t take the bold step and make a move, they will remain as they are – JUST DREAM!

As you get through with a step or level of action, you mark it on your draft, and clap for your self 😀. That shows you’ve done well. Remember, you must get that step done within the timeframe alloted.

If there is a dislocation with your time, there may be a problem. And that may take you extra energy, time or even resources to get it done, if you are fortunate to still have the opportunity. Some opportunity comes once in life time. Once missed, that is the end. I hope you wont allow that be your portion.

If all of these are in place, all you need do again, by virtue of African value, which is ours, is, pray. You’re no doubt familiar with the popular line, *Prayer is the key*.

I should have started with *Prayer*, but, I wouldn’t want to sound too religious or make you look at prayer as the ‘*most important*’. Prayer is though important, but, you must not priotize prayer over effort and the ACTIONS actions needed to make you achieve your desire.

The Holy Books teach us to work and pray. Isn’t it? So, pray for divine intervention and support. And trust me, it would come with ease.
Stick to the rules, stay true to your games, and be optimistic. You need believe in your own efforts and the power of God

As we go on this year, let’s ACT more and talk less. Acta non verba (Deeds Not Words) should be your watchword.

Would you draft your RESOLUTION/PLAN OF ACTION for the year? You should, if you haven’t. And if you have, take a look at it again.

NOTE: How to Search your Soul.

What time of the day or even moment makes you listen to your heart? When you have identified that, then, you’re good to search your soul.

Soul searching, in this sense, is about getting to know what goals you want to achieve. Ask yourself these sincere and probing questions; What do I desire?

Where do I wish to see myself by the end of this year?

What do you want to do differently, etc.

You may have to get a very cool place, relax your mind and think! As the ideas come, draft them down. If you are able to pick anything, which I’m sure you would, that means you have taken a step towards achieving your dream and becoming a better person.


I wish you a very productive year ahead!


The Lecture was delivered by Moshood, Muhammed S.


Feel free to reach Muhammed via


Follow on Twitter; @moshood_m

THIS Niger Area!

By: Seye Adenle

E don tey we dey this struggle
Yet the nation never bubble
This colonial container
Don tire to suffer

But e be like say we self no bother
Help us ask our prefects
Cheif servants messengers
Why dem no dey see beyond
Their nose
We get oil
We dey sell am out
We dey smuggle am
Everybody turn smugglers
We dey theif our own oil

We too big to be an entity
Gladiators say na lie
Oyinbo join us together
Say make we be in unity
Sake of say wetin dem see

How that go be?
Wey resources no equal
Wey ideology no alligns
Argument upon argument
Birth many coup
Many people too Ku
The situation no cool
We see palace coup
Counter coup
Phantom coup

Boot and beret too enjoy power
With force
Who go talk where gun dey?
Agbada vex say e want show
By all means kahaki clear chance
Since e enter power Neva balance

We are back to the same struggle
E still dey cause cassala
All of us get the national rice
But when we go come rise
When few hold spoons
Feed us with remnants

Dem say youth na future leader
Only them dey climb ladder
Them eat all we have today
Say make we hope for tomorrow
Where dem put us

Dem build fine fine house
With tall fence
Mr landlord dey fear
E no want make person
Thief wetin dem theif
Thief dey fear thief

Every person get dem government
To provide food for him family

Every person get him government
To provide food and shelter

I say every house get government
To provide generator bulb and noise

Every person get government
To provide health care
To provide schooling for
Them children

Oyinbo no tire to dey watch our game
Them say we be terrorists
Dem say we too corrupts
Dem say we too dull
We dey import toothpick
Join our problems
Dem say we no dey think

Only ogas
Dem dey pick all the fish
Say make we dey solve this equation

Natural resources plus human resources minus common sense is equal to human disaster
Revolution is near,it’s here and its now

God bless my country!

You & I can build a better Nation


A Corps member identified as Ajadi Samsideen has encouraged schools in the country to imbibe the good use of national identity.

He made the call during a sensitization programme he organized as part of his Community Development Service Project as a corps member serving in Kogi state. He also donated flags to some schools in the area.

The seminar, titled “National Symbols: Pride of Our Country”, held at Government Day Secondary School, Iruvucheba, Okene recently.
Mr. Ajadi observed that many schools in the community hung shabby flags while many did not have any to display.

According to him, “It sadden my heart to see our schools such tattered and rag-like flag hung”.

A former Chairman of Okene Local Government, Alhaji Al-Rasheed, while speaking during the event attributed the lack of attention given to the national identity to hunger and non payment of salaries in the state.
He noted that unhappy family and unpaid workers will never remember that a flag is dirty.

He advised chools to ensure they contribute positively to this disturbing situation of the country.

Another corps member who was present at the event, Oyeyipo Oluwasegun said that schools should do more to enlighten people and students on the significance of National symbols.

“Our national symbol is what we have to sell to the outside world. Our schools must do well to educate the people on what the Nigerian national symbols stand for And this can only be done when the those identifies are in good condition.” he added.

Students and staff members of schools in the area were present during the seminar while he schools representatives received the brand new flag on behalf of their schools.


By: Moshood Muhammed

Generally speaking, the people constitutes mainly the element, admissible and permissible in democracy, the Nigerian system of government, with whom the decision of who becomes what, get what and at what time is taken and for.

With reference to the definition a former President of United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, participation of people, who are an indispensable element of government and leadership of a country, is believed to be non-negotiable. But, reverse is sharply the case in the issue of Nigeria, the most populous black-skinned people country in the world.

The rare magnanimity of the then military ruler and Head of State, Rtd. General Abubakar Salami saw Nigeria return to democratic rule in 1999 with Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo as the democratically elected President. After he exited office, Nigeria has successfully transferred power from one leader to the other and most recently, from a political party which Nigeria started with, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the now ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), in a very peaceful and uncommon manner, alien to the African politicians and its many years of political sojourn. This remains one of the feats we have achieved as a country.

On return to democracy eighteen (18) years ago, expectations were high, no thanks to the ‘nightmares of military rule’ and having seen what democracy infers in other climes. Nigerians could not hide their joys when the Obasanjo administration came on board; many were promised with very infinitesimally done so far and nothing done in many cases, even by successive occupiers of the Aso Villa and other public positions in the yesteryears up till now.

Power supply has remained consistently out of supply in many homes, villages, cities and factories, forcing Nigerians to make darkness their neighbours, while many businesses went out of operation, with others relocating to neighbouring countries; education is yet to recover from the colossal damage done to its structural and administrative hitherto strong rooting. Same is the case with Agriculture, which was formally our source of national financial muscle depleting into a business of very few with little concentration from government, not until recent time. The list is endless.

As much as it incontrovertible that all is not so well, coupled with corruption fast becoming regalia of our political actors, it does not translate to the end of the road for the country. The country has despite the political upheavals that greeted the preparation for last general elections among other issues emerged, a united country, though with affray from some parts of the country.

As Nigerian democracy gets a year older, concerted efforts must be made by all in seeing the birth of the new and assuring country Nigerians would be proud of.
Now, the leadership of the country and government structures across board must be sanitized and made to work in the interest of the people, while the trademark of corruption on most political office holders is ‘confiscated’. Our leaders must be aware that if everyone who has at one point or the other occupied the office did not leave, they would never have the opportunity to get there.

Furthermore, the central government must not surrender in its struggle for a well respected country in Africa and beyond, flush out, in sincerity the demonic corruption tendencies, that has almost brought the country on its knees, out of the country; wipe out the inkling Boko Haram insurgence stint, rescue the remaining Chibok School girls, get back home Nigerians leaving like foreigners on the own soil, neighbouring countries. Also, our economy which somersaulted must also be revamped, with the diversification plan executed speedily while ensuring an enduring, stable and uninterrupted power supply to all nooks and crannies of the country. This will do doubt help recover our hailing economy and set us forthwith on the path to prosperity.

On the other hand, Nigerians must see The New Nigeria project as a collective assignment, on which the destiny of millions of our country men and women are tied to, and indeed that of many generations yet unborn. Should the war against corruption be won, proceeds recovered and ultimately pumped into the economy, Nigerians can be certain of a speedily developed country. Hence, everyone must resolve to join the campaign, reject proceeds of crime and never be involved corruption. Charity they say begins at home.

Similarly, our parents, families, religious leaders, teachers and schools must note that they are either partner in crime or partner in progress, depending on what they make of the flock in their care. There is therefore a great need to have them support government and by far, the popular view, rid the country of many rots she has found herself in. This implies that the song of anti corruption, transparency, accountability, hard work and perseverance should be continuous on their lips.

The truth is, should we fail to augment our resolution for the ‘hell-lots’, vent our displeasure with the widely affirmed abysmal state of things, by participating meaningfully in the affairs of the country, our complaints would be mere noise. In other words, our political affairs, call for accountability, responsive and responsible government should not be left in the hands of politicians and the acclaimed ‘opposition’ parties, we must all make Nigeria work for our good. The rumoured military take-over is not and will never be in the interest of majority of Nigerians. As such, we must all defend our democracy and make it stronger.

Though, all may not be rosy for us as a country, it is never a time to give up; our participation in governance should be strong, defiant of oppression tendencies of any public office holder, bad governance, misrepresentation among others, like never before. Surely, we would get there.

If you are not participating, it is not making sense. #Standwith9ja

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria


By: Moshood Muhammed 

In course of my interaction and campaign for more impressive Nigerian’s involvement in leadership and governance of the country, I have met more resistance and had the hardest of encounters with the female folks. For their male counterpart, it is another. 

And like I said in one of my articles a few days ago, titled; Where are Nigerian Women?, your involvement in activities relating to governance and leadership of the country is appalling and seriously disturbing.

It is not enough to appear lovely dressed in those regalia and beautiful designers you love. You can wear fabulous make ups and you look like the queen of the world. All is nothing, if all is not well with Nigeria. Beauty can only show better,  when there is peace. In the absence, what happens? 

Should we fail to do the needful, your concealer, foundation, eye lashes, finger paintings and all that may be far out of your reach.

Or what account of involvement will you give to the younger ones on the effort made by you and your generation to better the lots of your people and country? Is it by keeping quiet? 

I know you’re are disappointed and sad. I know you may not be interested in politics and our tradition might have made you choose the back seat. 

I am not here to canvass you to join, but, participate and be a part of the decision making process and we would be good for it. 

You are beautiful, I must say. Know that you have a voice and you must lend it to issues that matter to humanity, and particularly Nigeria.  Until you do that, we may be in for this for so long. 

I love you. Be patriotic and let’s #StandWith9ja