By: Moshood Muhammed 
It might have happened on different days, but, it was reported and made public the same day. It is no other thing than the decampment of two politicians in Nigeria. 

The first is the immediate past governor of Enugu State, Mr. Sullivan Chime and a former Minister of the federation, Musiliu Obanikoro, both of the then ruling PDP and now “major” opposition party in the country. While the former was accepted into the moving canoe of the progressive party in his hometown of Udi, attended by Chief John Odigie Oyegun, the National Chairman of APC and Waziri Aminu Tambuwal, governor of Sokoto state among others, the latter’s choice decision remains in the media reports. 

Though, the constitution of the country allows for individual choices of alignment with regards to political parties and its membership, it must be noted that the manners in which these people conduct their political business is worrisome, detrimental and anti-people. 

This has further lent voice of reasoning to call and insinuations by Nigerians of good conscience that our politicians are the same, and that there is always a point (at the top) when they agree and reach a compromise is not short of reality of happenings. 

The duo who were ousted by APC, by virtue of their partisanship of the PDP are believed to be having corruption cases hanging and dangling on their necks, yet, they have been admitted into the CHANGE party of the world, and by their new admission, have become PROGRESSIVES. This is not the first of decampment seen as far as this regime is concerned. Many have jumped fence to the toast of the moment and have continued to enjoy the yam in their possession, almost unquestioned. This is in lieu of the biblical and popular “Go ye and sin no more”.

Even, Chief Oyegun, while speaking on reasons why Chime left the former ruling party said it was not to escape prosecution for corruption allegation against him. (Baba knows the truth. Isn’t it?) 

It is not out of reality to state that this brand of politics is inimical and consequential to our development as a people and democratic state. 

With this continuous and unceremonious migration, with obvious view and possibility of escaping trial and prosecution, thus leading to prolong hoarding of the looted yams, reasonable mind in the People’s Assembly of Nigeria should stop at nothing in questioning the integrity of the party that was “overwhelming” voted in the 2015 elections and its anti corruption campaign. 

Beyond this, should these political figure gets patted at the back on cases preferred against them, then, Nigerians are worried if the seriousness of the present administration in rescuing Nigeria. As such, genuine Nigerians must not close their eyes and watch things go far out of hand. Rather than stand with those who have looted the country dry, based on party affiliation, it is better you #StandWith9ja and work for its greatness. 

You too can be a Nigerian representative. 

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria! 


By: Folorunso Fatai

Naira has no gender. If it were a male, we could have been convinced it is the reason females are avaricious. And if it were a female, it would have been evident to establish it as reason males are completely rapacious. But naira has no gender, yet, its unparalleled enchanting and enticing power to get embezzled by all, including Nigerians in high places is unimaginable.

Even Nigerian at the foot of the mountain, their fraudulent acumen in the face of Naira will amaze you. Are you doubtful of that? Visit computer villages, visit motor parks etc. You’ll be here to regale me with your different hilarious stories about them.

Corruption is not limited to certain class; it cuts across board. This is partly the reason sleaze is unveiled in high places and petty thieves  apprehended on our streets. We don’t celebrate hardwork; we only celebrate instant success. Another reason the ‘get rich quick’ syndrome’ is popular among Nigerians today and by extension, the youths. Hence, the alarming rate of cybercrimes among other inhuman ventures. 

This also explains the reason an average Nigeria does not see anything wrong in same Patience Jonathan, a civil servant owing a whooping 4.5billion Naira under another person’s name in one account and close to 15billion naira in another account- Naira has no gender, Naira knows no gender!

Sadly and tragically, Naira is drained of its vigour. Our rapacious leaders have maimed its beautiful prospects which were eye dazzling in its days of yore. It has been outpaced in value and eminence by its equals(such as US Dollars and British Pounds) in the early 70’s. And some of its younger ones then such as UAE Dirham, S/Arabia Riyadh etc have also upscaled it.

Millions of naira is like air to our politicians, it is ubiquitous in their houses. From their rooms, to bathrooms, garages, sceptic tanks and even on their roofs. I hope it is still fresh in our memories the sum of $1 million that was discovered in a soakaway pit in ex-Air staff chief,  Amosu’s Lagos residence.

And the EFCC’s March 14, 2017 interception of illegal movement of cash totaling N49 Million found at the Kaduna International Airport.

Latest is the humongous sums of money to wit: $38,000,000.00 (Thirty-Eight Million Dollars),N23,000,000.00 (Twenty-Three Million Naira) and £27,000.00 (Twenty-Seven Thousand Pounds) uncovered by the Economic and Financial Crimes (EFCC) from an apartment in Osborne Towers, Osborne Road, Ikoyi Lagos. No wonder Olajide Abiola, a seasoned business analyst, rightly lamented that ‘A whole Second Niger bridge kept in someone’s apartment and we are wondering where our own Dubai, Paris, New York, Qatar, South Africa are. 

In saner climes, only drug dealers do this kind of stuffs, not public servants nor political office holders.

Interestingly, the $50 Million has got no claimant. Imagine such humongous amount suddenly become an orphan. Who would think that people would be avoiding $50 million like a plague?

Dishearteningly, it pains one to see genuine business owners and farmers have no access to any form of credit facility at all. This is made worse by the knowledge of those who wickedly stole and idly stashed away monies that can save several lives in the country. 

Some people only need just between N50,000-N100,000 to back up their trades. 

For every loot found and recovered, avalanche of thoughts cross one’s mind on many credible SME operators that such movies could have provided a strong financial lifeline and the value it would have added to the economy in jobs, income, VATs and Taxes.”

Cumulatively, I would suggest every money recovered should be judiciously utilized on projects that have direct benefits on the masses, such as water, alternative power while the SMEs operators and farmers should be made to smile by offering them low interest rate loans. 

Folorunso Fatai writes from University Of Ilorin and can be reached via penpusher2015@gmail.com


By: Aremu iyanuoluwa Olowosokedile Owolabi 

The latest report credited to the Hon. Minister of Communication and Culture, Alhaji lai Mohammed, which stated that President Muhammadu Buhari has given instructions that files on his table be transferred to his living room for attention is not only annoying, but shows how wicked a man could be to himself, family and the country at large. 

The presence of the president means a lot to the affairs of the country he leads. This scenario gas confirmed Buharis incapability to run the country, he jostled to lead. PMB CSO sacked The Punch reporter from the Aso Villa, in what appears a clampdown on the media among issues that have played out in recent time confirmed this assertion.

Furthermore, the suspension of the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal also raised some questions as to who is really in charge of the government of the federation when the obviously shocked Lawal asked reporters repeatedly; “who is the presidency?” It is either he means he does not know the structure of the government he works with; Buhari cannot touch him or he (PMB) is no longer that healthy to make such decision?

Recall the stand of President Buhari when the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua was battling his illness, he had advised the late president to step aside, so he could take care of himself while also challenging the National Assembly to declare his seat vacant. 

There is to doubt the fact that Nigerian presidency like other leadership positions require people with good health conditions. Though, you may say death or ill health does not give prior notice, but we must be very conscious of our health and it better to die peacefully rather than die in pains, while leaving millions pf people, such in our case in the country on an heated polity. 

With the crop of politicians we have now, it would be impossible for the president to give instructions from home and expect them to comply. The truth, from recent drama from the seat of power indicates that many of these individuals are readily power brokers, no thanks to the health conditions of the President. 

Should these be allowed to continue, unabated, we may be in got a state of anarchy in no time. Based on this, the president should be honourable to hand over machineries of power to his vice to allow him continue from where he has stopped while he keeps resting in peace. 

God bless Nigeria. 

I #Standwith9ja


​By: Moshood Muhammed 

As it stands today, the youths of the country are very much against each other. And no one is ready to willingly cede leadership position to the other, even if available without needless antagonistic posture. Why you may ask? 

It is not out of place to state that lack of trust, scary, rotten antecedents and ego are reasons for this.

From another perspective, most of us are not only corrupt, but brilliantly and skillfully corrupt from behind like our daddies. You can blame this on lack of the right view of leadership and mentorship from them. 

Even at that, we are not ready to change our own stories and develop the will required to make a meaningful and fruitful change, required by our people. 

All these have continued unabated. Yet, this is the time our campaign for youths in the country’s leadership has gathered the most of momentum. So, can we truly have the opportunity to have atleast a youthful and resourceful President, Governors, Senators, House of Representative members et al on this manner, bearing in mind our affiliations and involvement with the present crop of political parties, its ideologies and overt and covert activities?   

The question most youths have continued to raise,and have battled overtime is, “even if one decides to lead the pack of youths for what we all seek, who are those who will back your leadership to succeed”?

We can blame our leaders, but what stuffs are we made of? 


By: Moshood Muhammed 

In course of my interaction and campaign for more impressive Nigerian’s involvement in leadership and governance of the country, I have met more resistance and had the hardest of encounters with the female folks. For their male counterpart, it is another. 

And like I said in one of my articles a few days ago, titled; Where are Nigerian Women?, your involvement in activities relating to governance and leadership of the country is appalling and seriously disturbing.

It is not enough to appear lovely dressed in those regalia and beautiful designers you love. You can wear fabulous make ups and you look like the queen of the world. All is nothing, if all is not well with Nigeria. Beauty can only show better,  when there is peace. In the absence, what happens? 

Should we fail to do the needful, your concealer, foundation, eye lashes, finger paintings and all that may be far out of your reach.

Or what account of involvement will you give to the younger ones on the effort made by you and your generation to better the lots of your people and country? Is it by keeping quiet? 

I know you’re are disappointed and sad. I know you may not be interested in politics and our tradition might have made you choose the back seat. 

I am not here to canvass you to join, but, participate and be a part of the decision making process and we would be good for it. 

You are beautiful, I must say. Know that you have a voice and you must lend it to issues that matter to humanity, and particularly Nigeria.  Until you do that, we may be in for this for so long. 

I love you. Be patriotic and let’s #StandWith9ja 


By: Moshood Muhammed 

Just when I thought people will reason alongside an honourable path in course of doing business as men and women of the modern Nigerian  we clamour for,  by turning a new leaf, an artisan nearly took me for a ride and widen the scope of corruption in this country while I was placed on an assignment this week.

To us, corruption exists among the rank and file in the country. But, like an abandoned uncompleted building, the weed of corruption has today overgrown and taken over the whole state because we are not playing our part.

Having seated for close to an hour in an establishment, the transaction was concluded and based on agreement, I had to leave with a man introduced to be the one who would “complete the deal”. I left the office, with the hope of getting a tricycle, otherwise known as Keke Napep (that is the alternative source of transportation here) asides taxi and bus. Then, this man offered to carry me in his car. What a good man I thought. At least, that would save cost.

We got into the car; he asked me if I had some money for a particular item, it was a No for me. I asked for what that would cost, he said two thousand, five hundred hundred Nigerian naira (#2,500). I told him we may have to communicate the sponsor of the project or I remove from his workmanship fee, while he gets a repay on completion of work. He answered in affirmative. 

My love for him grew, not knowing I was was in for a drama.  

He stopped to buy the said material on the way, leaving me behind in the car, hoping I was going to stay. I called him back, asked him to remove the car key.

I entered the store before him; he mentioned what he wanted, we were swiftly attended to by the sales rep. Asked for the cost implication, the lady said One Thousand Naira; I couldn’t but smile. With that decision, a thousand and five hundred naira had been saved (though the money was not mine, but I was happy).

By that, he had spoilt the first impression he gave. He had displayed a mere cosmetic love for humanity. We got to our destination and he had to start the completion of his assignment. 

While in the car, I couldn’t but keep thinking about what had transpired in few minutes of my interaction and engagement with the young, energetic and enterprising man. What would have happened, if I had not kept an eye on him and monitored his activities. This is what we mostly do as Nigerians, while we languish in pool of complaints thereafter. 

He had displayed sheer fraudulent act. Now, I see reason why some people would tell you they can never contract job to a Nigerian. Is there any sphere Nigerians can be trusted at all? Check it yourself, we don’t have any respect, even globally.

The man in question had charged for his service and agreement reached. He had shown his commitment and by nature should be satisfied with what he had signed for. That wasn’t for him. This is the case with many business men and women out there. Every opportunity to rip clients off are sought, whenever contracts are awarded. 

Our country, Nigeria is an haven of this. This is exactly how most public projects are handled. Prices of projects are over inflated while a larger percentage of the fund allocated for projects are pocketed by some people, doing very little or nothing, thus causing deaths of many, while terror of untold hardship and misfortune are unleashed on the people. 

To say Nigerian highways have become a death sharing avenue is not to say the least while buildings wouldn’t stop collapsing.

Flamboyant lifestyle and covetous nature of humans, with special honorific rank for Nigerians are reasons for this ingloriously saddening occurrences.

What the young man committed is not only a sin against God and its commandment, it is also a crime against human race and war on unborn generations. Every of our actions and inactions could be inimical to others. We have to watch it well. 

Doing business or making so much money from business or venture does not make one rich, only God gives wealth, to whatsoever he pleases. Many lives have been lost while destinies ruined all in a bid to amass wealth and live big. 


Do not relax when you contact job to someone, watch them closely. Most artisans or business persons have thievery tendencies. Our politicians are like them. 

If you are to supervise a project for someone, do not be carefree about it. Be concerned about what is done in there, so as not to endanger lives of others and give corruption a free ride. This is where most of us and our politicians err. We as individuals have become syndicates of these supposedly divinely condemned  souls. 

Compatriots, let stop watering the plants of corruption, lawlessness and insanity. Nigeria must rise, only if you play your parts. #StandWith9ja 

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


By: Moshood Muhammed

While surfing the internet last night to satisfy some ‘needs’,  I found myself on Twitter. This was exactly at about some minutes past eleven. 

Thereafter, I stumbled on the Trending List and saw an hashtag, #AskTheresaMay. 

Astonishingly fascinated, I browsed through conversation and saw how interesting the chat was. It was a kinda media hangout between the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May and the citizens. 

The inclusion and participation of the people, mostly the females in the discussion wowed me. It showed they are fully into the governance of leadership of the country. This is not the first time I saw something like that. 

Our mothers, ladies and sisters need to do something like this and even more. 

The women are synonymous to home making and building. It is incontestable that they take care of home. Then, why are they missing in their role towards building the Nigeria of our dream? 

I suppose their apathy for politics, non participation in governance and leadership of the country is responsible for our present predicament. Their place is no longer in the kitchen or the other rooms, we need them on the ‘field’. 

Moving forward, we need an all inclusive movement of the Nigerian people, the genuine Nigerians and the most concerned.

I agree the level of illiteracy may debar the ‘most’ Nigerian women, but, our mothers on social media should not (with due respect) just come on cyberspace to upload pictures and chat with friends alone, we need them to lend their voice and contribute their quota. 

This may brighten  further give many of them the opportunity of occupying positions in the state political scene. They can’t continue to complain of marginalisation and keep mute, doing nothing, beyond being used and dumped during elections as we have our in some parts of the country, and termed “irrelevant”.

Beyond social media, there is a need for them to start reaching out to themselves, across the length and breadth of the country.

Should they fail to be a part of the “struggle”, apart from the fact that history will not be kind to them, their children and the unborn may curse us all.

Everyone of us MUST do this together and #GetInvolved and #StandWith9ja. 

Let salvage this country together; tomorrow may be too late. Join the struggle!

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.