By: Moshood Muhammed 

In course of my interaction and campaign for more impressive Nigerian’s involvement in leadership and governance of the country, I have met more resistance and had the hardest of encounters with the female folks. For their male counterpart, it is another. 

And like I said in one of my articles a few days ago, titled; Where are Nigerian Women?, your involvement in activities relating to governance and leadership of the country is appalling and seriously disturbing.

It is not enough to appear lovely dressed in those regalia and beautiful designers you love. You can wear fabulous make ups and you look like the queen of the world. All is nothing, if all is not well with Nigeria. Beauty can only show better,  when there is peace. In the absence, what happens? 

Should we fail to do the needful, your concealer, foundation, eye lashes, finger paintings and all that may be far out of your reach.

Or what account of involvement will you give to the younger ones on the effort made by you and your generation to better the lots of your people and country? Is it by keeping quiet? 

I know you’re are disappointed and sad. I know you may not be interested in politics and our tradition might have made you choose the back seat. 

I am not here to canvass you to join, but, participate and be a part of the decision making process and we would be good for it. 

You are beautiful, I must say. Know that you have a voice and you must lend it to issues that matter to humanity, and particularly Nigeria.  Until you do that, we may be in for this for so long. 

I love you. Be patriotic and let’s #StandWith9ja 


By: Moshood Muhammed 

Just when I thought people will reason alongside an honourable path in course of doing business as men and women of the modern Nigerian  we clamour for,  by turning a new leaf, an artisan nearly took me for a ride and widen the scope of corruption in this country while I was placed on an assignment this week.

To us, corruption exists among the rank and file in the country. But, like an abandoned uncompleted building, the weed of corruption has today overgrown and taken over the whole state because we are not playing our part.

Having seated for close to an hour in an establishment, the transaction was concluded and based on agreement, I had to leave with a man introduced to be the one who would “complete the deal”. I left the office, with the hope of getting a tricycle, otherwise known as Keke Napep (that is the alternative source of transportation here) asides taxi and bus. Then, this man offered to carry me in his car. What a good man I thought. At least, that would save cost.

We got into the car; he asked me if I had some money for a particular item, it was a No for me. I asked for what that would cost, he said two thousand, five hundred hundred Nigerian naira (#2,500). I told him we may have to communicate the sponsor of the project or I remove from his workmanship fee, while he gets a repay on completion of work. He answered in affirmative. 

My love for him grew, not knowing I was was in for a drama.  

He stopped to buy the said material on the way, leaving me behind in the car, hoping I was going to stay. I called him back, asked him to remove the car key.

I entered the store before him; he mentioned what he wanted, we were swiftly attended to by the sales rep. Asked for the cost implication, the lady said One Thousand Naira; I couldn’t but smile. With that decision, a thousand and five hundred naira had been saved (though the money was not mine, but I was happy).

By that, he had spoilt the first impression he gave. He had displayed a mere cosmetic love for humanity. We got to our destination and he had to start the completion of his assignment. 

While in the car, I couldn’t but keep thinking about what had transpired in few minutes of my interaction and engagement with the young, energetic and enterprising man. What would have happened, if I had not kept an eye on him and monitored his activities. This is what we mostly do as Nigerians, while we languish in pool of complaints thereafter. 

He had displayed sheer fraudulent act. Now, I see reason why some people would tell you they can never contract job to a Nigerian. Is there any sphere Nigerians can be trusted at all? Check it yourself, we don’t have any respect, even globally.

The man in question had charged for his service and agreement reached. He had shown his commitment and by nature should be satisfied with what he had signed for. That wasn’t for him. This is the case with many business men and women out there. Every opportunity to rip clients off are sought, whenever contracts are awarded. 

Our country, Nigeria is an haven of this. This is exactly how most public projects are handled. Prices of projects are over inflated while a larger percentage of the fund allocated for projects are pocketed by some people, doing very little or nothing, thus causing deaths of many, while terror of untold hardship and misfortune are unleashed on the people. 

To say Nigerian highways have become a death sharing avenue is not to say the least while buildings wouldn’t stop collapsing.

Flamboyant lifestyle and covetous nature of humans, with special honorific rank for Nigerians are reasons for this ingloriously saddening occurrences.

What the young man committed is not only a sin against God and its commandment, it is also a crime against human race and war on unborn generations. Every of our actions and inactions could be inimical to others. We have to watch it well. 

Doing business or making so much money from business or venture does not make one rich, only God gives wealth, to whatsoever he pleases. Many lives have been lost while destinies ruined all in a bid to amass wealth and live big. 


Do not relax when you contact job to someone, watch them closely. Most artisans or business persons have thievery tendencies. Our politicians are like them. 

If you are to supervise a project for someone, do not be carefree about it. Be concerned about what is done in there, so as not to endanger lives of others and give corruption a free ride. This is where most of us and our politicians err. We as individuals have become syndicates of these supposedly divinely condemned  souls. 

Compatriots, let stop watering the plants of corruption, lawlessness and insanity. Nigeria must rise, only if you play your parts. #StandWith9ja 

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!


By: Moshood Muhammed

While surfing the internet last night to satisfy some ‘needs’,  I found myself on Twitter. This was exactly at about some minutes past eleven. 

Thereafter, I stumbled on the Trending List and saw an hashtag, #AskTheresaMay. 

Astonishingly fascinated, I browsed through conversation and saw how interesting the chat was. It was a kinda media hangout between the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May and the citizens. 

The inclusion and participation of the people, mostly the females in the discussion wowed me. It showed they are fully into the governance of leadership of the country. This is not the first time I saw something like that. 

Our mothers, ladies and sisters need to do something like this and even more. 

The women are synonymous to home making and building. It is incontestable that they take care of home. Then, why are they missing in their role towards building the Nigeria of our dream? 

I suppose their apathy for politics, non participation in governance and leadership of the country is responsible for our present predicament. Their place is no longer in the kitchen or the other rooms, we need them on the ‘field’. 

Moving forward, we need an all inclusive movement of the Nigerian people, the genuine Nigerians and the most concerned.

I agree the level of illiteracy may debar the ‘most’ Nigerian women, but, our mothers on social media should not (with due respect) just come on cyberspace to upload pictures and chat with friends alone, we need them to lend their voice and contribute their quota. 

This may brighten  further give many of them the opportunity of occupying positions in the state political scene. They can’t continue to complain of marginalisation and keep mute, doing nothing, beyond being used and dumped during elections as we have our in some parts of the country, and termed “irrelevant”.

Beyond social media, there is a need for them to start reaching out to themselves, across the length and breadth of the country.

Should they fail to be a part of the “struggle”, apart from the fact that history will not be kind to them, their children and the unborn may curse us all.

Everyone of us MUST do this together and #GetInvolved and #StandWith9ja. 

Let salvage this country together; tomorrow may be too late. Join the struggle!

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.


  By: Moshood Muhammed 

I have spent most times in recent time discussing and brainstorming with concerned Nigerians, on and offline, on what is to be done to move out of this sorry situation. It has not been easy, I must confess…

A friend during a chat yesterday, after days of deliberation said; “I’m patiently waiting for that day we will occupy the country.”

And I wrote back, “Bro, don’t wait. It may never come until you take action and get involved.”

As much as I appreciate his readiness and interest on issues that concern us all, unlike most Nigerian youths and the citizenry, by extension. Though, he is far better than many of us, yes. Including You! 

The other day a popular Nigerian musician announced ‘cancellation’ of a nation wide protest, most people called him all sorts of unprintable names, forgetting that he is just a citizen like most of us. If he had not stood up, would we all have kept quite and mute in face of provocative governance, ineptitudeness and political elites high handedness? 

Dear Nigerians, it is important for us to believe in our own abilities – as individuals and as a people. Our power is known by politicians, a reason why they will offer to lick, wash our feet and practically prostrate during electioneering, only to turn their backs on us upon emergence. 

Borrowing from the words of immediate past United States President, Barack Obama, he said “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

Moving forward as a nation requires our collective efforts. Do not wait for anyone, be a part of that CHANGE you seek. If you don’t, there is no way out for you and me. We are in it together. 

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!

#GetInvolved #TakeBackNigeria #StandWith9ja #Nigeria


By: Adekunle Adewunmi

Prior to this age, virtues such as sanctity, honesty, contentment and uncoveteousness were the order of the day. Scarcely did reports fly of theft. No ears heard for long the cry of inconvenience from the struggling masses. All appeared like it was well!

Banks are known to be registered with the Central Bank before any operation can begin. The management also recruits different staffs in order to make transactions an easy-to-do job for the benefit of both parties. But, deposits are not only made, cash withdrawals are also part of the transactions possible at banks. Simply put, deposits and withdrawals are allowed in banks. Suffice is to say here that the people don’t deposit in banks by being coerced.

Nowadays however, unofficial banks are being mounted and operated on the highways which birth the illegal collection of money, forcefully deposited to these unofficial bank operators without a strain of empathyfor the state of the pockets they hijack. This brash phenomenon ushers in a sigh of painful enquiries. Why have they chosen to fool us? Who are they even fooling? Those who make life not worth living and inconvenient to their fellow humans keep spitting untrue words at us that they are friends of the citizenry.

Alas, Nigerians are now enlightened, the dark ages are over, the light has come!

Governments emerge, their time elapse, yet, there’s nothing to show for the many years of their stewardship. All centers on the looting of state treasury, which involves squandering of national funds, only to leave the hopeless electorate in a sorry state of reproach. As if that isn’t enough, human-banks are now being mounted at roads where they are fearfully beheld askings of the terrain in which they become unquestionable beasts that devour anyone who fails to ‘cooperate’ and tender daily deposits into their sacred pouches. Some have evengone from collecting daily deposits to levying dues per hour.

This act has gone rampant to the extent that the ordinary man’s business will almost always encounter rude disruption by these armed men. On the sight of a vehicle loaded with food, things fall apart within their skulls; and all schemes veer towards hijacking the burdened hulk from its navigator, even if it hasn’t been smuggled in from another country.

Those Forces in khaki and black clothes, who are instructed to safeguard the properties and lives have been found, countless times, exploiting and endangering the very properties and lives they were sworn to protect. Safety of the masses is now in the hands of bullies who, of course, strangle the people’s way of survival for their selfish gains. The salaries and allowances being paid them by the government for their works are being kept only to keep extorting the ordinary drivers on the highways; individuals who have chosen to find succour in the stressful jobsthey have taken as a profession.

Many of these drivers, who are the victims of callous highway extortions, go into commercial driving because they want nothing but the best for their families; their children in particular. Some of them overwork themselves even till midnight in order to pay the tuition fees of their children in higher institutions. Still, some locusts would seem to appear from the mirage and cut their monies short. It is possible that, by the ripple effect of such a condition, much mishap is caused. Some children of these commercial drivers might even end up being dropped from school due to not meeting up their payment deadlines.

A voyage to a town in Oyo State, Igbo-Ora to be precise, which is known to be the land most populated with twins revealed the ordeals commercial vehicles drivers go through when they set out for their daily businesses and the level of unnecessary pains inflicted daily on them by these road-bankers. It was so astonishing but head-aching to find the Forces at road sides almost within a two-minute drive interval, demanding for daily deposits otherwise known as “rabba or bribe”. Any commercial driver who tries to argue with them may meet his waterloo and get roped with different offenses that cannot be found in the statute of vehicle movement. The predatory logic is that by the time they cause passengers to be delayed and complaints spill from the driver’s customers, he’ll be forced to pay even more than he would have paid if he had not struggled with the Forces.

A personal encounter with one of the commercial drivers who makes his daily living on the route further exposed the high rate of wickedness leveled against them on a daily basis. He posited that if he was opportune to own any charm, he would have used it on “those wicked government security officials” because he often returns home at night from the day’s toil with almost nothing to show for the sweat due to the problem faced with the soldiers and policemen.

Without mincing words, this shows frustration, pain, and anger, which may result in rebellion and trouble against the Forces if the government does not find a lasting solution to halt the evil activities of these thieves.

Apparently, they operate this way almost everywhere since they believe they can’t be checkmated by anyone. Little surprise is to hear that these Forces build gigantic edifices and live big. President Muhammadu Buhari should try to start looking into the bank accounts of individual Force members so as to see clearly the billions of naira they have therein stolen and forcefully collected from struggling drivers.

Banks mounted on roads should hereby be destroyed so that sanity, freedom, and welfare should become the order of the day!


By: Adekunle Adewunmi

Our dear nation, Nigeria, has found itself in a messy state, which keeps humiliating, haunting and hurting the lives of the citizenry and dwellers. A lot has been seen and several scenes experienced, especially after the change of power from the Otueke born former President, Goodluck Jonathan to President Muhammadu Buhari as the leader of the country.

References can be drawn while some instances could also be cited as regards the plethora of secrets that have become unconcealed immediately after the change of baton ranging from the Dasuki Gate Scandal, which revealed atrocities allegedly committed by the former national security adviser and also went round to other high-ranking personalities in the country, who were said to have shared in the loots meant for the acquisition of arms that would have protected the property and lives of the citizenry.

More so, many who held political positions in the country have been caught in EFCC’s net, with thousands and dollars reported to have been recovered. Interestingly, some even went a step further in keeping stolen funds that should be enjoyed by the suffering masses in septic tanks, not forgetting the amount also allegedly squandered by officials of the past administration led by Goodluck Jonathan. What an alarming state this nation has found herself!

One cannot but see the level of decadence that has eroded the sight and good road of this dear country. Rather than the process of grading, smoothening, tarring and plying through an incorruptible road, the representatives of Nigeria has chosen the corruptible road. What a disaster.

Moving forward but not away from the aforementioned, we are currently faced with economic recession rather than its progression in this country. This might have been as a result of so many things which we’ve failed to address until it got to this peak stage, not forgetting that the points earlier mentioned forms a big part of this menace.

Still, the government has continued to live on a mono-economic system of financial increment instead of making it a multi economic system. Nigeria’s continual dependence on crude oil isn’t helping matters in any way and a road out of this state would be us, addressing our economy in a holistic way by widening the scope of our income. Before the corn was another food which fowls feeds on. Then, before we found crude oil, was “Agriculture”.

Well, I’m saying vividly that, Nigeria should go back to agriculture in a globalized way or form, and into more of ICTas well as other initiatives which can make us a nation that runs a multi-economic system.

Nevertheless, as part of the continuous challenge of this nation is the mindset of the people. The thought of an average Nigerian is how he gets rich and hasten his prosperityin life without minding how the feat is achieved. He clamours for a height without any qualification that can lift him over. This is more of the reasons you see peopledelving into some sorts of schemes just to get money whether it be by crooked means or by the virtue ofsanctity. Many youths of this nation, instead of going to school or learning a trade, would be spotted at betting arenas, staking the little money they have on them and wasting away their lives and time which could be spent doing things profitable . Those little, unconsidered monies can be used as capital to set up minute (small) businesses (SMEs) which can become large afterwards. I even thought the idea of making money rituals had died totally, not knowing that some Nigerians still indulge in the inhumane act.

This type and kind of road we’ve chosen to ply to success in this nation would lead us nowhere but destruction because it is not the authentic one by God but, the devil’s device.

The spirit of brotherly love has totally crept away from our abode as a nation, for we no longer love ourselves as a family not to mention loving as a nation. The spirit of togetherness which is the only way in which works can be effectively carried out to achieve maximal and positive result has become lost in transit, in so much that our tribes are not in agreement with each other, neither are we in conformity as regards religious beliefs. Religion and religious people now takes sides. How then can we rebuild and make Nigeria the best we want it to actually become if charity is in absence?

Some sects claims to be fighting for their rights while destroying properties and taking the lives of human beings like them, calling themselves Boko Harams. Why not think of a better road to make your grievances known to the government rather than plying that evil road of martyring innocent future-promising souls?

Hmmn, our conscience has been seared with hot iron and hypocrisy is all we make as benchmark in this nation (1 Timothy 4:1-2). Some people that has been charged with lots of money for the smooth running or overseeing of a project at their place of work or at government parastatals can no longer be trusted. All they are professional at is to add two zeros to the budget in order to have ungodly gains. While some, after the projects has been approved, moves for bad materials and even fail to completely execute the job. What a slippery road to prosperity! If you aren’t aware, it is only truth that exalts a nation. Without truth, Nigeria won’t make progress.

So many graduates are out there without any job. In fact, the issue of dichotomy still exists very much between HND and BSC degree holders. The HND holders, after going through the rigours of hectic study loads while in school have been isolated amongst their counterpart, without any end in sight. Even when any opportunity for job security arises, they are, almost at all times, berated by most companies and industries yet, nothing is being done to eradicate this head-aching, heart-troubling menace by the governments. Whereas, these HND holders, when examined, are well equipped than those whose certificates are only celebrated.I pray this won’t let the unemployed graduates turn into something else that the government would have to deal with as regards the security of lives and properties of this nation in the future. Beware, for the road of I don’t care behavior being exhibited by the government would lead this mighty nation to nowhere but the destination of a big fall.

I’m sorry for the eternity of some employers and even the future of their children, I mean those who demand sexual intercourse from female employment seekers at their firms, those who attach other strings at the stake of getting people employed. The road you are building is for the downfall of your life, health and children.

Consequently, many talents, no, heterogeneous talented persons are in our dear country which the government has failed to fish out to develop and they are just wasting away to become tools of the devil while some has become brain-retarded. Many of these talents have been developed by some countries abroad and furnished to a heightened taste, which makes them more garnished amongst other nations of the world.

I’ve seen a person who made an airplane-like vehiclewhich he drove around for almost 2-5 months around Ota environs, in Ogun State, looking if anyone could be of help to him so that he could developmore on it but no help came. I believe and I’m convinced as well that people who could help saw him but failed to assist. Many can develop and break any software or personal code on the computer, these are students that have enough grey matter that can compete with Bill Gates. Bill Gates was even below forty years of age before he became the richest man in the world. I wherefore opine, that a road of career opportunities be built around these young talents who can make the country become proud and big before they turn cyber thieves!

Fathers they say, takes one further. This adage, rather than having a positive impact in this country, the case has been the otherwise, for politicians of today who enjoys consuming and lavishing the resources of the country for their personal gains has infested the upcoming youths with the same virus since all our youths seeks for in governance, if they have the chance to go into politics, is to also become corrupt leaders as their progenitors have always. When you ask a typical youth about his or her dream if given the opportunity to rule, the first thing you hear is, I want get as much money as I can run for an office. What the leaders fail to know is that, many of these youths see them as role models and anything they do, or whatever behaviour they exhibit tends to be part and passel of the younger generation’s lifestyles. So, for this bad road of legacy they have built not to cause devastating accident for everyone, their generation and Nigeria at large. Dear political class, please Change!

Permit me to delve into the religious world and spit my word. Nowadays, spiritual leaders who are highly respected by the people are at most times; “wolves under sheep’s clothing and fraudsters (419s).” Plethora of them didn’t wait to get ripe under the tutelage of their senior spiritual leaders before setting up their own centers where they just cajole the people with pre-staged miracles, signs and wonders, all in the name of collecting their monies and spend wildly. All in a bid to getting rich quickly. The religious world that should lead us in the right road, should not compromise but make their ways straight and help smoothen the path of this nation.

At this juncture, I would like everyone, all citizens of our dear nation to take the big step in amending the spoilt road of this nation so that we can go into our enjoyment and attain the heightened stardom we’ve always looked forward to, because it is the responsibility of all, not forgetting that united we stand but divided, will result in a big fall.

The government and leaders should as well, burn the garments of irresponsibility they’ve tucked, to take full charge of the state of this nation and become the best legacy setter for our youths in the whole of Africa and the world at large. Also, for this road to be sweet to drive and ride on, let the oil of our wheel; the youths of this country be introduced and more involvedin the political systematic process, both male and females. No stereotyping whatsoever.

On a final note, Reverend Olusola A. Areogun, in his book, ‘CONSCIENCE MATTERS’ which he co-authored with his son, opined that; “If Nigeria is going to make it, the Federal Government and the Senate should make a legislation to cancel all these promos that is going on, lotto and coupon playing. He said, this spirit that is flooding our country is not the way the Western countries were developed. They didn’t develop their country by their youths playing lotto and lotteries, saying, ‘if you open a bottle of drink you can win a brand new car’. If that were how they developed and sustained their country, they wouldn’t have migrated over here”.

So, you find youths of today, instead of settling down to a legitimate righteous work, knowing that it is a step-by-step process to greatness, he wishes to hit a jackpot; that is why if you go to cyber café today, you find all kinds of young people there, many of whom are not surfing the internet for information, but for fraudulent activities! Where did the spirit come from? Every Police Officer tells you that it takes intelligence to catch criminals because they are not just stupid criminals. But, the same brain they use to plan for crime can actually be used for good. The challenge however, is that he wants to succeed without suffering. Anytime you want to succeed without righteous suffering, you will become a criminal and won’t even be able to manage what you get. It is the road that makes the man, not the destination”!

I end this by quoting from the Holy Bible which says; ‘there is a way that seemeth right unto men but the end is destruction’. For this country not to be tagged as giants of yesterday, we must mutually build,ply and sustain an incorruptible, righteous-filled roads that can make us a better nation.

When Leadership calls, Responsibility beckons!

Reflection on Leadership


By: Moshood Muhammed

Has anyone ever wondered what a free society would have been like? Are you thinking of what leadership entails? What does leadership even means to you? This is for you.

When Adam and Eve were created in the beginning of the world, God made Adam the head and by extension humans above all other creations. This is the anatomy of leadership.

The decision of the most supreme being underscores the importance, indispensability and inevitability of leadership in the societies of the world. Management of general affairs, conducts of people, regulations and other resources will lead to unending crisis without the position of a leader or leadership.

The concept of leadership has evolved overtime; philosophers, scholars and thinkers have come up with different postulations and explanations of what leadership represents, its organs and workability. Premised on this, the system of leadership differs from a society and environment to another.

Regardless of the shape a leadership may take, it is important to note and take to fore that certainly, a particular individual or group of persons take charge of affairs of a particular setting.

Purposeful, responsible and responsive leadership is the hallmark of representation. The people or the led deserve accountability and transparency, without which abuse of power, anarchy, impunity and corruption would be as good as to have taken centre stage.

Many who are in leadership positions today see it as opportunity to take advantage of the ‘vulnerable’ followers. It is essentially necessary to point out that the notion that there is always a beginning and an end is nothing but the truth.

While you hold sway in a leadership, every reasonable leaders must bear in mind that it can’t be all rosy, that is why I’ve continued to say that leadership is not just position or opportunity to relax, amass wealth and or possibly wield unnecessary influence but a call for action of service delivery. This suffices that every leadership position comes with its ‘enourmous’ responsibilities.

It is therefore imperative for all those who are in positions to know that it can never be a easy task, just as it is usually not an all-comer affairs. Leadership simply infers hardship.

While only a few may perform well while in position of leadership, others have on the other side perform below par. That is undoubtedly what life is, anyway.

Whichever way one falls, however, there is always a ‘reward’. If you buy your way through people and court of public opinion, you can never escape the court of conscience and posterity.

A leader who wishes to lead successfully must be ready to be all-embracing, accept advises, take his or her stand without fear or favour and shun the mischief of hailers and praise singers. You can’t be a good leader without being able to make the right and yielding decisions.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that whether for good or bad, every leader and leadership shall be remembered. What do you or your leadership want to be remembered for? What you will be remembered for is dependent on what you stand for, the problems you are able to solve it those berthed by you.

Nothing is certainly hidden. Whatever you do while in power will count for or against you later. History hunts; have a scan of the society and you will confirm this in affirmative.

Best regards!