An aspirant for Ogun State House of Assembly, Abeokuta North State constituency, Engr. Tajhdeen Olalekan Ishola on Wednesday in Abeokuta launched Irorun Movement Secretariat.

He also got endorsement of various groups during the ceremony.

Irorun Movement is a non-political and self-sponsored group rooting for the emergence of the aspirant as a member representing Abeokuta North in the state house of assembly.

While addressing the people, TJ applauded the Governor of the state, Senator Ibikunle Amosun on his achievements in the State. He added that the governor, being the leader of the APC had done tremendously well.

TJ said he was ready to represent the interest of the people, having done that as a student’s leader in Nigeria and in diaspora, adding that his leadership acumen is one with compassion for the people.

Various groups pledged their support to the aspirant, among which are trade unions, youth groups, socio-political associations and student groups.

The popular juju gospel musician, Sesan Akinpelu popularly known as Chelsea bobo entertained those present at the occasion.

People from the sixteen (16) wards, covering Oke Ogun, Oke ona, Gbagura and Owu communities in Abeokuta North Local Government had been on seat by 12 noon, to show their unflinching support for Engr. Tajhdeen Olalekan Ishola (TJ).

Leaders present at the colourful occasion included Alhaji Isiaq, Alhaji Azeez Adedigba, Alhaji Akeem Sobayo, Hon. Sulaiman Makinde, Hon. Alhaji Moruff Omolaja Ajisegiri, Mrs. Bolanle Osoba, Alhaji Rasaq Tokunbo, Alhaji M.A Garuba, Hon. Moruph Akinsola, Abeokuta North APC youth leader, Mr. Hassan Olayanju, APC treasurer, Hon. Sabur Olagbegi, Hon. Adekambi, Mr. Rotimi Popoola, Elder Oladipupo Awofe, Mr. Majekodunmi and a host of others.


BB Naija: Overbloated Fuss Over Nothing

By: Afolashade Osho

Big Brother Naija has become a household name; every one – young and old are fans of the game, even though a section of Nigerians, have berated it on moral grounds.

It’s important that people all over need to understand that BBN is a game and at the end, a winner would emerge. We need to stop bad mouthing people that are participating in the current game, as many did in previous editions. I believe it’s because their activities are on record that’s why we could all comment about their ‘lives’ and insult them. Some of what those who make bad comments about participants do in their corner is far worse. If anyone is asked to be part of the programme, perhaps, we would not talk about them the way we do.

Everyone is allowed of free choices, but cursing or saying all sorts of gibberish against someone whose choice is different from yours is not but a sickening attitude. Those who choose to participate in the programme have chosen a path they deem pleasant to them; their choice must be respected.

Life itself is full of up and down; everyone cannot be you, and if you cannot support those currently on the ‘game’ do well and refrain from blind criticism of the whole issues.

Permit me to digress a little. Efe won last edition while Bisola came a close distance to him, in second place. the winner, I don’t know what Efe is doing with his money but Bisola got recognition and has been relevant since then. I like her. This year, it’s no different game. Certainly, we have people we don’t like and we will also have our favourite house mate(s). Personally, I wasn’t following BBN but I kept getting updates on IG, read comments as much as I could. Then, I noticed many were on C-cee, with many horrible stuffs people say about her. Those actually make me like her; she’s not perfect, so are you. I like all the housemates but C-cee is my favourite that was the reason I started following it up. Any updates that doesn’t include C-cee, I am definitely not watching. Regardless, it doesn’t make me comment nasty thing about others.

However, let’s remember we all are not perfect; audience just need to stop commenting bad stuffs; it doesn’t make sense but If you think you are perfect as humans, then you can continue. Some ladies probably hate C-cee probably because she’s going out with tobi. Trust me, if you like continue hating till tomorrow, Tobi will never check you out. Lol. So let’s stop using paracetamol on someone’s headache and enjoy the show for the remaining days.

#BBN #Doublewahala #BigbrotherNaija


Conscious of this year’s theme for the celebration, #PressForProgress, we at PAND engaged women and the would-bes on how to be better women – who would engineer global prosperity – in Abeokuta.

Our team of speakers, drawn from the private and public sectors (women and men) did justice to topics on Health, Business and Nation Building. Also, business funding opportunity was availed the participants, through a community microfinance bank.
At the end of yesterday, we got tonnes of commendations for putting the event together.

At #PAND, we have revolved to do more for the good of humanity and Nigeria. And we are on course – no section of humanity would be spared!

#IWD2018 #internationalwomensday #pand #standwith9ja #humanity #genderequality #genderbalance #sdg5 #women #female #Abeokuta #Ogun #news #event


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This piece is a summary of an online seminar on the topic, “GETTING BETTER IN THE YEAR 2018”, held on Thursday, January 11, 2018.


This is a new year. Who has thought of achieving something meaningful this year? How to get ahead is what we are discussing tonight. With what you have in mind, to get them achieved, you gave to be a better person.

Yes, better than what you were the year before. If you get better, certainly, you would achieve your aim this year. That is why some people, at the end of every year have a draft of what they call NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

If don’t have one yet, and wishes to get better in the new year, it’s never too late to draft yours. You may wonder why you need it, it’s simply because that single document or writing could help you become a better person if you follow your work plan well.

Though, some people who draft New Year Resolution do not achieve their goals. This is because they do not commit themselves to it.
So, to get better, you need one principle. It’s called DISCIPLINE. Now to get started, I’m going to give you a model. This is to be adopted by those who want to make things happen for themselves differently in a new year. And this is one!

Before I talk about the model, I would like to ask that you think of what you wish to achieve this year, think about it very well.

Thinking and soul searching are the first set of actions for you. You have to know what you’re doing or what you wish to do. If that is settled, then, the model I’m gonna give you will help you to achieve them.

Pls note that what I’m giving you is not a magic wand. You may not achieve your dreams or get better if you don’t work towards it. And to work for your dreams, you only need steps. This is model I talked about. The model is GO-SAP.

What does it mean? GO stands for Goal.

What is your goal?

Your goal is what you want to achieve. It may be more than one. In fact, it may be a PSD goal. PSD means Personal Development. Your goal has to be your own product. No one will know your desire more than you do. Someone or persons can only guide you. I hope you’re getting it?

Like I said before, soul searching is one surest way to get what you really want. When you get that, pen it/them down.

You may think. Oh! What I want is to learn a new language. You may in another stance be considering travelling abroad for your studies. Write it/them down!

If you have more than one, nothing is bad in that. The way you go about them would determine what you get out of the year. OK?

After you must have written it down, then, you ‘S’. *S* connotes *Strategy*. You have to strategize. You conduct a background check, know the issues or processes related to what you are aiming at, and work out modalities of getting around them.

If you have got the necessary info, you pen them down in a hierarchical order. Those would form your lines of action. If you want to achieve anything in a year and you have found out issues surrounding same, just arrange them, and break them down into small units. For example, you want to travel abroad to study, you need first get an International passport, know your course of choice, identify your school, apply for the admission and get set…

As you can see, a goal has been broken down. Yours too must be broken down.

As you break them down, you now allocate time to each. The time you allocate will continue to drive you to take care of your goal.

Pls, you must stick to the time you allocate for each. That is why it’s important you DISCIPLINE yourself. Remember I said it earlier. The caveat remains Discipline!

It’s important. The time frame you give each steps must be followed to the latter. It’s important, as a change in the time, in form of extention, will affect the end result.

If you have broken them down into steps, then, you need begin to ACT. ACTION is sine qua non to achieving your dreams. Without ACTION, nothing would be achieved.

You may have many goals, you may wish to achieve many things, but, if you don’t take the bold step and make a move, they will remain as they are – JUST DREAM!

As you get through with a step or level of action, you mark it on your draft, and clap for your self 😀. That shows you’ve done well. Remember, you must get that step done within the timeframe alloted.

If there is a dislocation with your time, there may be a problem. And that may take you extra energy, time or even resources to get it done, if you are fortunate to still have the opportunity. Some opportunity comes once in life time. Once missed, that is the end. I hope you wont allow that be your portion.

If all of these are in place, all you need do again, by virtue of African value, which is ours, is, pray. You’re no doubt familiar with the popular line, *Prayer is the key*.

I should have started with *Prayer*, but, I wouldn’t want to sound too religious or make you look at prayer as the ‘*most important*’. Prayer is though important, but, you must not priotize prayer over effort and the ACTIONS actions needed to make you achieve your desire.

The Holy Books teach us to work and pray. Isn’t it? So, pray for divine intervention and support. And trust me, it would come with ease.
Stick to the rules, stay true to your games, and be optimistic. You need believe in your own efforts and the power of God

As we go on this year, let’s ACT more and talk less. Acta non verba (Deeds Not Words) should be your watchword.

Would you draft your RESOLUTION/PLAN OF ACTION for the year? You should, if you haven’t. And if you have, take a look at it again.

NOTE: How to Search your Soul.

What time of the day or even moment makes you listen to your heart? When you have identified that, then, you’re good to search your soul.

Soul searching, in this sense, is about getting to know what goals you want to achieve. Ask yourself these sincere and probing questions; What do I desire?

Where do I wish to see myself by the end of this year?

What do you want to do differently, etc.

You may have to get a very cool place, relax your mind and think! As the ideas come, draft them down. If you are able to pick anything, which I’m sure you would, that means you have taken a step towards achieving your dream and becoming a better person.


I wish you a very productive year ahead!


The Lecture was delivered by Moshood, Muhammed S.


Feel free to reach Muhammed via moshood1044@gmail.com


Follow on Twitter; @moshood_m

Benue Killings: An Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari


Herdsmen at work

By Matthew Abur

Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

First of all, permit me to wish you a Happy New Year. A year that has greeted us with both good and tragic occurrences. Let me also use this medium to console you over your sons recent involvement in an accident. I would like to point out that God has demonstrated his mercy by giving you another lease of life having survived the onslaught of sickness last year. I must remind you that while you were away, the good people of Benue State who have been hungry due to unpaid salaries turned that as a valid opportunity to fast and pray for your quick recovery and final extinction of rats from your office but their reward from all these labour is total neglect and abandonment.

President Muhammadu Buhari: Time to act is now!

Mr President Sir, permit me to inform you that the good people of Benue State have for a long time been under the oppression of some terrorist groups under the auspices of herdsmen maiming and killing innocent citizens of the state as well as destroying properties worth billions of naira but however, none of these man’s inhumanity to man has attracted a condemnation from you or perhaps from the government at the centre. You only coughed mucous out of your nose when some angry youths took the streets recently to protest in makurdi.

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue

You have never for once stepped your feet on the shores of Benue soil to see things for yourself. Are the Fulani herdsmen who have continued to kill thousands in Benue State and indeed all over some states not qualified to be declared a terrorist group? This question demands a quick answer my president.Injustice must not be allowed to put stains on our nation flag which claim to uphold unity.

Sir, when two persons were killed in a bomb blast in the North East, we saw your prompt response. Multitudes have continued to rush to the grave living many orphans, widows and some homeless in Benue State and some states. Are we now strangers in Nigeria not to be qualified for same equal rights of enjoying security and sleeping with our two eyes closed? If we continue to keep silent and not find a lasting solution thinking this is only a Benue problem, who knows where these terrorists groups will launch their next attack?

I write this letter from a bitter heart having seen the level of recent killings in Guma Local government of Benue State. I therefore call for a quick intervention from the federal government. Let me remind you that Benue people are very strong and have all it takes to quell all these by taking laws into their hands but since their victory during the jukum crises in 2003, they resolved for peace and that is what they have been known for since then. That is why they democratically passed the anti-open grazing bill into law in 2017.

Mr President, can you demonstrate that love for Benue citizens by excluding both religious and tribal sentiments on your innermost heart and deploying heavy security presence to help protect lives and properties and as well nip to bud the perpetrators of these ills and killings. The rate of blood been she’d by these herdsmen have turned the colour of the popular Benue river into a different colour and if quick measures are not taken, who knows where this blood will flow and empty to next time? The fact that this act of terrorism is hitting hard on Benue today does not mean it will not aggravate but my prayer is that Mr President will address this issue once and for all.

Mr President Sir, l therefore call on you to take proactive actions in taming the raging activities of these terrorists groups in Nigeria. It is time to arise and declare war on boko-herdsmen in Nigeria Mr President. All these silence does not speak well of your government.The IGP and other sister security agencies needs to rise up to their task and ensure that these terrorists are crushed to their feet. All these silence are sending a different signal in the mind of Benue people and indeed well meaning Nigerians.

It’s time to arise and declare war on boko-fulani herdsmen.Enough is enough! We need Equality in Nigeria. We need peace not war! Arise Mr President and Save us from Fulani herdsmen/Terrorists.

Cc: Senate President and all Senators
Cc:Speaker, House of Representatives and all members.
Cc: All Nigerian Governors
Cc: Inspector General of Police and All Security Agencies
Cc: Benue sons and daughters in Diaspora

IG finally bars SARS

Worried by the clamour for scrapping of Special Anti-Robbery Squard (SARS) of the Nigerian Police Force, which started with online #EndSars campaign, Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, has taken decisions.

According to a report by Punch’s Adelani Adepegba, The IG has barred operatives of the SARS, from providing security protection for Very Important Persons.

He also asked them to stop conducting ‘stop-and-search on roads, involvement in civil matters including land disputes, personal disputes, debt collection and other civil issues.

Idris spoke during a meeting with SARS commanders at the Force Headquarters, Abuja on Friday. The IG directed that all operatives of the squad must henceforth appear in official uniform clearly marked for identification.

He said they could only conduct stop-and-search operation on roads when necessary, adding that such operation must be with the permission of Commissioner of SARS or Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of operations in the commands they are answerable to.

Any operation conducted by the operatives, according to the Nigerian police boss, must be in a “non-discriminatory, proportional, fair and accountable manner.”

The measures, he said,were as a result of the police administration’s response to the yearnings and demands of modern policing. “In demonstration of good faith to the aspiration of the Nigerian populace, I have given mandate to the IGP’s Monitoring Units and ‘X’ Squad and other oversight units of the Force to monitor the activities of the SARS operatives, while in the same vein, citizens are encouraged to avail the police ways to improve SARS operations across the nation”, he added.

Other measures which the police leadership has taken to reform the SARS, according to the IG, were the designation of the Deputy Inspector-General of Police in charge of operations to lead the unit as its strategic commander and appointment of a Commissioner of Police as a field Commander of all activities related to SARS.

Idris disclosed that SARS operations in each state command would be under the Commissioner of Police through the Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners of Police in charge of operations.

As part of the reform, the police boss hinted that psychometric test, training and continuous assessment of operatives would be deployed to determine the suitability or otherwise of their role in keeping with acceptable standard operating procedures.

He also said the unit would be confined to its established role of preventing, confronting and solving cases related to armed robbery and generally protecting the public from armed robbery and other violent crimes.

Nigerians Warned Not to Accept Gift This Season

As the festive seasons draw nearer, Nigerians have been warned not to accept wrapped gifts and other items from members of the public unknown to them.

The Commissioner of Police in Niger, Mr Dibal Yakadi, on Saturday, gave the advice in Minna in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

He said such gifts could turn out to be parcel bombs and dangerous if opened.

He also urged the people to be security conscious, especially while attending public functions during and after festivities.

The Niger State Police boss disclosed that the command had already taken proactive security measures to deal with threats to peace before, during and after the Yuletide.

In his words, ‘‘We will continue to utilise the avenues of intelligence-led policing, community, visibility policing as well as constant intelligence-led raid on criminal hideouts,’’ he said.

He called on residents and indeed all Nigerians to provide useful information on suspicious movements of people, saying this would assist security officials to apprehend criminals at the planning stages of their activities.

“We are battle ready to deal with any form of security threats to enable people celebrate the festivities in a peaceful atmosphere,’’ he said.

He further urged officers and men of the command to continue to put in their best as hard working ones would be rewarded, while the indolent personnel would be sanctioned accordingly.