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Reinforcing Nigerian Economy Through Ifa (Oracle)


Concerned about improving the Nigerian economy, the Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Governor, Mrs. Petra Akinti Onyegbule, noted that though Nigerians are “deeply religious”, but investing in Ifa (Oracle) as a source of tourism would go a long way in helping Nigeria grow her wealth. In her Facebook post on 7th of December, 2017, she wondered as follows;

“When will we allow Ifa to contribute significantly to the economy of Nigeria?

Do you know how many people believe in Olodumare through Ifa worship? Why can we not bring them to Nigeria on pilgrimage?

No, we do not need to believe in Ifa to support such venture for Jews do not believe in Jesus as Christians do. The place of Golgotha now has a magnificent mosque sitting pretty on the site.

Bethlehem, the birth town of Jesus, is under Palestinian authority. As a matter of fact, the Church of the Nativity is being reconstructed by the Palestinian Presidential Committee tasked to make the sides more beautiful. Even though the Church has three parts managed by three different denominations – Catholic, Armenian Apostolic and Greek Orthodox.

For the authorities here, it is all about the economy.

Pilgrimage services the hospitality sector in Israel. It can do same for Nigeria.

I do not see why it is not possible.”

Nigerians, what is your take?


One On One Session With Atiku Abubakar

PEDULUM By Dele Momodu
Email: dele.momodu@thisdaylive.com

Fellow Nigerians, I’ve always wondered what drives or propels the man, former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. For real, I have never seen a man so fastidious about his dream and so obstinate about achieving a lifelong ambition to be the number one Nigerian Citizen. I’ve followed his trajectory with keen interest since 1993 when he took on both Chief Moshood Abiola and Baba Gana Kingibe, in an epic Presidential primary, that Chief Abiola ultimately won. His formidability we were told was a result of the influence of his godfather and political colossus, Major General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, now of blessed memory. Chief Abiola actually reached out to the General, as he was fondly called, to prevail on Atiku to pull out of the race and support him. A deal was subsequently struck, between Abiola and Yar’Adua, for Atiku to be Abiola’s running-mate. Everything looked good on paper until the powerful and influential Social Democratic Party (SDP) Governors threw spanners in the works, forcing Abiola to renege on his word. Whilst Abiola wanted Atiku, the Governors led by the irrepressible Olusegun Osoba, from Abiola’s home State of Ogun, insisted on Abiola picking Kingibe. They convinced Abiola that it was dangerous to pick Atiku who would have been more loyal and too submissive to his godfather.

I have no doubt that from that moment onwards, the June 12 Presidential election was already threatened and endangered. According to insiders, the General was so miffed and enraged that he swore Abiola would not be President for dumping his godson. Efforts were made by different personages to settle the matter, but it seemed the camaraderie was over between Abiola and Yar’Adua who, once upon a time, were successful business partners at African Ocean Lines.

Anyway, Atiku was kicked out of the race to fight another day. Abiola won the Presidential election eventually but was never allowed to assume power. The June 12 election fallout led to a cataclysmic eruption that consumed many of the big players, including Abiola, his wife, Alhaja Kudirat, Major-General Yar’Adua and General Sani Abacha. The boss of bosses, General Olusegun Obasanjo, escaped only by the whiskers. He was jailed but came back to be President. Ironically, the same Atiku who was not allowed to be the Vice-Presidential candidate in 1993 became the substantive Vice President in 1999, when he ran, and won, with Obasanjo. Whilst Obasanjo emerged, in a bid to assuage the betrayed and wounded Yoruba, Atiku’s choice appears to have been predicated on the sense of injustice that he had suffered as a result of being dumped by Abiola.

Everything initially ran smoothly between Obasanjo and Atiku in their first term in office, from 1999 to 2003. However, the relationship collapsed when Atiku started showing interest in the number one position. I will not bore you with the rest of that fiasco, including the anecdotal humbling of Obasanjo who allegedly had to beg his deputy, Atiku, to allow him a second term. My mission was to provide some background to Atiku’s uncommon trajectory. He has pursued his dream since 1993 and has never given up. That was 24 years ago. Indeed, Atiku has been in partisan politics for 28 years but only served in government for eight years. He has criss-crossed different political parties in search of that magic wand that could give him his heart’s desire. It has been a painful journey. He’s been dissed and lampooned as a serial “decampee” famed for wandering endlessly in the wilderness of Nigerian politics. That, for many people, is a major weakness which signals integrity issues. There are other minuses weighing on him like an albatross. How does he deal with these very serious issues of perception or misperception?

The opportunity came for me to engage him very critically, and very privately, yesterday afternoon in Lagos. A mutual friend had called to arrange the meeting at Atiku’s behest. I gladly accepted not only as I was anxious to bombard him with many nagging questions, but also because by some quirk of fate, the political gladiators for the number one hot seat in Nigeria seem to feel that a session with me is a sine qua non for their aspiration. I’m deeply humbled by that trust.

The meeting was arranged for Lagos. Atiku had arrived on Thursday. I arrived in Lagos yesterday afternoon from Abuja where I had been the Chief Presenter of Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi’s book, On a Platter of Gold, chronicling President Goodluck Jonathan’s twilight days as President. I checked into my hotel just before 12 noon and put a call through to his room. He told me to give him a short time to freshen up and invite me over. He’s obviously been doing a lot of consultations and was working well into the early mornings. I dozed off. Suddenly, I was awoken from my slumber by banging on my door. I stood up to look through the peephole and was pleasantly surprised to see the most-talked about politician of the moment at my door. I opened the door and Atiku immediately apologised for the intrusion. He came without any aide, so we were both comfortable to talk frankly.

I thanked him for the honour of actually coming to me and asked if he won’t mind me asking some tough questions. He said that was fine and I should feel free. My first shot was about his moving from Party to Party. Does this not make him look desperate and unserious? He must have answered this question a thousand times because he wasted no time in answering very calmly and confidently:

“There is nothing wrong with it. Ours is a fledgling democracy of barely two decades since the end of the last military regime. What it means is that the political parties are yet to mature and are going through constant transformations and changes. That is why even President Buhari has been able to move from party to party, including ANPP, CPC and now APC. And for those who read about world history and political books like I do, they will know that Abraham Lincoln, Sir Winston Churchill and others went through so much before achieving their dreams…”

He went further: “I’m not different. I know what I want for my country. I’ve served Nigeria in different capacities and I am one of the most experienced leaders around today. There is no part of Nigeria I’m not familiar with. I have friends everywhere. They know me and I know them. The benefit of being around for so long is that they have come to know me for certain principles and know that I have a rich knowledge of Nigeria and what it would take to move us to the height of greatness. They can also trust me that I’m not coming to government to steal their money. God has blessed me with business acumen. How can you run a nation if you cannot run your own business? I run my businesses to international standards. Let any of those who want to compete with me show what they have managed successfully. I’ve lifted over 45,000 families out of joblessness and poverty through my microfinance company in my State Adamawa and we’ve have empowered mostly women. The good news is these women have been very honest. Returns on our loans have been about 98 percent. They have not disappeared with the loans given then. We plan to replicate this nationwide…”

I asked if he was obsessed with being President at all costs. His answer was an emphatic, No! He asked rhetorically why he should not give back some of his experience and exposure to a country that has given him so much? Why should he allow incompetent people to run down the country when God has given him the talent and wherewithal to lift up Nigeria?

I told him the belief out there is that he is a corrupt man and that the stain won’t be easy to remove. His former boss, General Olusegun Obasanjo, has sold us that line, and would stop at nothing to regale the world that Atiku is a thief who nobody should vote for. Atiku’s response was very concise and assertive: “I have the highest regards for my boss. He gave me eight years to serve Nigeria under him. We had our differences but we both tried our best. But on the issue of corruption, I have challenged anyone, anywhere, who has any evidence of corruption against me to come forward. I’m sure they would have combed everywhere trying to find anything incriminating against me, but they have not found it, or they are still searching. Dele, I’m throwing that challenge again, let them bring out whatever they have on me…”

I followed with a bazooka and asked him “how come you are running away from the United States of America? What offence have you committed to warrant not being able to visit, since all this time?” Atiku fired back at me: “It is the sole prerogative of America to determine who they want in their country or not. I’m not running away from America. I applied, but wasn’t issued a visa. However, they did not decline me categorically either. They’ve only said my application is going through administrative process. This is not peculiar to me. For about 15 years, Buhari could not enter America on account of religious considerations. The current Indian Prime Minister, Modi, suffered the same fate for years. Today, he is being treated to red carpet treatment in America.. I fly to different parts of the world, including Europe, if America wanted me, it would be so easy for them to reach out to their allies…”

We soon dovetailed to the nitty-gritty of politics. Why did he not wait to contest the primaries in APC first and see the outcome before running away? I felt this was defeatist! His response: “After Buhari won the election, he was no longer interested in the Party that made him President. Every activity stopped and not even the Party Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, could take any decision. I called Chief Oyegun a few times to tell him our Party was dying slowly but he told me he would not do anything unless he got clearance from the President. At a stage, I gathered about 18 prominent members and began to meet in the hope that we can re-energise Party activities, but some people lied to the President that I wanted to use the forum to launch my Presidential campaign. That forum became simply dead on arrival. No BOT, no NEC meetings, as stipulated in our Constitution. The Party became a one-man property. Everyone grumbles behind the President’s back but they are too timid to raise a voice against the illegalities being perpetuated. I should be bold enough to know what I want, and can do so at my age, so I decided to leave…”

So, where is he going from here? He says he hasn’t formally declared for any Party, but is sure PDP is waiting to welcome him back into the Party he co-founded with others at the end of military rule. I asked if he has any guarantee of getting the PDP ticket. He told me why he should get it: “Nothing is absolutely certain in this life, but PDP needs a candidate with the brightest chance and that can only come from someone who has major experience, exposure, knowledge about running an economy, who is a Nationalist and not a sectionalist and whose brand cannot be intimidated in anyway by that of the current President. If PDP picks a weak candidate, then the Party is doomed. Some of those whose names are being touted and bandied about have not grown beyond their immediate domains.”

If he gets the PDP ticket, is he confident he can beat a sitting President and Buhari for that matter? “I will definitely beat him this time. He has wasted a lot of his massive goodwill. A lot of people are disgruntled but keeping quiet and lying low. Our youths are suffering terribly and now they are being sold into slavery. Everyone knows my track record of inviting and attracting a good team and giving them the opportunity to work professionally. Nigerians are tired of leaders who cannot think big and work big. Dele, I will be ready from day one…”

Is he not afraid of Buhari? “No, definitely not. Buhari is free to contest and I’m free to contest. And Nigerians will make their choice.” I could see that glow in his eyes. He sounded determined and more prepared at this time, than at any other time.

Will Atiku play a joker as his last card in 2019? Time will tell.


Written: Seye Adenle

Aduni (As the name implies, “Sweet to have”)

You are never tired
Nor weakened
The pride in you keep bursting
You are truly a beauty
Thus parade yourself with dignity
The sun cool her head
Rains ignite fire in her
Yet her heart is ever settled

In that little space of gold
She embraces with smile
All to you make meaning
Both fools and the wise
Only time and chance
Make the difference

She sees her lifetime
As. Enough time
She seize the moment
To secure the coming days
Casting no plague of condemnation

Her resources was not an excuse
She feign blindness
Plays deaf to any barriers

She opined;
You can’t be everybody
So,make a difference
Better you sell bread
Than to cry foul
You should rather
Ben down select
Than be selected for crime

She is courageous
Committed to her dealings
Like a thread
In many storms
She is full oh hope
Like a rainbow
She conform to many colours

As a wife
She welcomes all
Like a queen
She dazzles all with her smiles
Like the goddess of luck
She attracts fortune
To herself and all around

Permit me to call her
She is the good
That make men call
Beauty good
She is the honour
Fathers desires in daughter
Best companion to any friend
Your mother would never
Seize to sing-praise you,
Even in the life beyond

Your acts are wonderful
You are an envy of wonder
That should not be subjected
To any kind of

Inside of you is grace
You have passion
You have strength
You are truly my Aduni
So rare amongst maiden
Is the splashing
Of your dainty beauty

In hard and soft days
Your faith never fails
You give
And never fed up
Beautiful you is my Aduni
Who never shivered
When am alone in thought
You deserve the best in
My world

Thank you, mother
You are sweet to have
To care and and adored

God bless Mrs Mojisola Adenle
My sweet Aduni
I love you mum

EKO (Lagos)

By: Seye Adenle

The air we breathe in you
is enough for us all
To search and fix
the dream we hope to live in
You are the smallest
Very tiny and cunning
But your belly remains wide to house many

Time seems changing
But you remain the same
In your daily routine
I have lost, millions of time
All the scenes centred in you alone
Like the great city of California
You remains an ever wonder

You berth countless giants
Handles higher percents of your mother’s fortunes
It’s you I look up to
But can all be your friend?
Should all rest on your shoulder?
You let me down for long
I keep my toes on the run

Lords of lands gat no ease
It was never cool to hold the key
At 56, Mr. Alade still keeps dwelling
Behind a single door and a tiny window

He hardly breathes
Yet still gazing
On the brighter sides of life

You are beautiful, no doubt
Very fancy in outlook
Your beauty is as arnica
aureate in a manner all continues to imagined

I’ll be a au pair
To Chief Mrs toke
She’ll take care of me
Look after my care
True to my reasoning
All I got in return
A disdainful treatment
Diary of a village girl in city

Ali, Adamu, Uche and Effiong
All made it
So this was how?
Yes it is!
But tell no one
Because if the village cheifs know
Probably he won’t let you
Hmmm. I see

Truly Eko, this is who you are
I’ll won’t tell my mother
Neither will I revealed to my father
That his charming prince
Laid under the bridge
That asake clean shoes
This was what
she choose

I woke in the earliest hour
Sleep the latest hour
Eat like servants
Defiance to the live I knew
You need not to sweat to swallow
3 times is a necessity
But eko gives me new formula

Please answer me
Make the path to know you smooth
Filled my pouch
So my old woman suffers not
All waiting for me at home
I miss my home

Otherwise I pack my bag
I will be gone
But I made a resolution within
To ride on horses with them
To be on the front page
Soon, I’ll Make an headlines
With or without you

I loves you
You remain my crush!


A Corps member identified as Ajadi Samsideen has encouraged schools in the country to imbibe the good use of national identity.

He made the call during a sensitization programme he organized as part of his Community Development Service Project as a corps member serving in Kogi state. He also donated flags to some schools in the area.

The seminar, titled “National Symbols: Pride of Our Country”, held at Government Day Secondary School, Iruvucheba, Okene recently.
Mr. Ajadi observed that many schools in the community hung shabby flags while many did not have any to display.

According to him, “It sadden my heart to see our schools such tattered and rag-like flag hung”.

A former Chairman of Okene Local Government, Alhaji Al-Rasheed, while speaking during the event attributed the lack of attention given to the national identity to hunger and non payment of salaries in the state.
He noted that unhappy family and unpaid workers will never remember that a flag is dirty.

He advised chools to ensure they contribute positively to this disturbing situation of the country.

Another corps member who was present at the event, Oyeyipo Oluwasegun said that schools should do more to enlighten people and students on the significance of National symbols.

“Our national symbol is what we have to sell to the outside world. Our schools must do well to educate the people on what the Nigerian national symbols stand for And this can only be done when the those identifies are in good condition.” he added.

Students and staff members of schools in the area were present during the seminar while he schools representatives received the brand new flag on behalf of their schools.


The “Stand With Nigeria” campaigners on Tuesday, 31st of October  had a formal lecture where roles of youths in leadership and governance were redefined. The event was well attended and reported on Radio Nigeria, Enugu National service on Frequency Modulation 92.9. Below is a very similar trans copy of the news report as filed by Edith Ajah;


A corps member serving in Enugu State, yesterday, Tuesday, 31st of October, launched a “Stand With Nigeria” Campaign, hash tagged “StandWith9ja” in the state.

The event with the theme; “Making of A New Nigeria: The Youth Agenda” was held at the Enugu North Local Government Secretariat’s City Hall with government officials and other dignitaries in attendance.

The corps member, Moshood Muhammed with the state code EN/16B/4959, it was learnt started the campaign as a personal Community Development Service effort until some of his colleagues adopted the ideology and joined the movement.

Speaking during the event, the Assistant Director, NYSC, Enugu State, Mr. Ernest Ebekine charged Nigerian youths to continue to work together for the development of the nation by ensuring they do the right thing at all time.

According to him, he was happy a corps member in the state could think of how to sensitize others to have the right thinking attitude, cause change so as to move Nigeria forward.

In his words, “I feel so glad that one of our corps member initiated this idea. This is a right step in the right direction because through this programme, a change will occur and our country, Nigeria, will move forward”.

The State Director of National Orientation Agency, Mr. Isaac Onukwube lauded the initiative and encouraged the corps members present to always present the country in good light.

He added that event as such should be embraced by many as it would help redirection of grievance registration by youths and other stakeholders in the country, rather than causing mayhems.

In his remark, a guest speaker at the occasion, the immediate past Commissioner for Human Capital Development and Poverty Reduction in Enugu state, Mr. Godwin Ogenyi maintained that youths should aim at making Nigeria better through their creative abilities.

While lauding the initiative of the corps member and his colleagues who put the programme together, the former commissioner charged them to equip themselves with necessary skills, and do away with the usual complaints about what is not good about the country.

He noted that opportunities only come to those who are prepared for it.

Mr. Ogenyi said; “What we are doing today is an idea of a young man, who has decided to redefine the kind of Nigeria we want to see, to consider those things we need to be able to do this. Obviously, he (Muhammed) has engaged his colleagues so they can collectively challenge the ills in the society. This is good”

Earlier in his welcome address, the founder initiative, Mr. Moshood Muhammed said the aim of the programme was to encourage patriotism among Nigerians, with special focus on the youth so as to unite and move the nation to a greater height.

He added that the inauguration of volunteers became necessary owing to the need to continue the campaign beyond his service year, noting that the same campaign is currently being mobilized for in Ogun State as well as other parts of Nigeria.

Explaining the rationale behind the project, Muhammed said; “this campaign started with a view to engage the youth so as to orientate and re-orientate citizens of the country, augment the patriotism of our people so that we can collectively move this country forward.

“The country, Nigeria, cannot move forward when we are not a part of it. There is a need for us as citizens to come on board, acts responsibly and ensure they put the country first in everything we do, because there is no leadership without followership”. He noted.

Some members of the movement expressed satisfaction with success of the inauguration and extended an invitation to other youths to key into the vision of building a better nation for all. One of them, Justin Izuchukwu Okosa said; “I thank Mr. Moshood for bringing up the idea. The campaign targets the youths so we can engage the youths of the country on the need to be patriotic because when we (the youths) do the right thing, the country will move forward.”

Another participant, Kolade Tinuola, had this to say; “Most Nigerians have turned to western countries to pursue their dreams because they have lost interest. With this attitude, we would not be able to build the kind of country we seek. Everyone of us must be part of the nation building process; in Nigeria, my contemporaries should believe that we can make it and Nigeria will rise enviably. That is why we have started this campaign”

The event, which saw the inauguration of volunteers for the campaign had in attendance a member of Enugu state House of Assembly representing Ezeagwu State Constituency, Hon. Barrister Chima Obieze; Police Public Relations Officer, SP Ebere Amaraizu; Local Government Inspector of Enugu North, Mr. Maduforo Chinedu and senior officials of the NYSC in the state among others.


By: Adekunle Adewunmi


“Government shall strive to eradicate illiteracy…..(a) free, compulsory and universal primary education (b) free secondary education (c) free university education and (d) free adult literacy programme”

     Section 18, sub section 3 of the Nigerian 1999 Construction



The above provision is entrenched in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But, can we say the law is still very relevant today? The answer is as you have right in mind.

Literacy has over the years been termed a way out of many world problems. With education, the key to success in the outer world is assured, they say. Having garnered much strength by parents to send their children and wards to school, it is believed way that the road to such child’s success is certain while others bend themselves to low-esteemed jobs out there to become part of the beneficiaries of the leading trend of education that births success. It is however, sad that the delivery of such brings tears to one’s eyes.

Political office holders take pride in rearing their own children in wealth and affluence to study in pocket-screaming tuition amount, in the best private schools in the country and abroad, not minding the conspicuous lack of equipments and study materials cum capable hands in exerting knowledge to the tomorrow’s future in our schools, with the jaundiced state of the Nigerian Academic Standards, community, and syllabus.

Re-calling the months in which students have had to sit at home due to recurring strike actions that had always emanated from paying lip services to teachers’ rights, which occurrence has not been well tailored still, with LAUTECH students still languishing at home, no thanks to the strike actions.

Teachers and Lecturers have been found with oodles of ways in bringing disrepute to the Nigerian educational community due to government’s neglect. They have resorted to the saying which goes by: ‘oga ta, ogaota, owo alaaru ape’, thereby lessening the standards of the impartation of knowledge, skills and wisdom. Lecturers on the other hand, had been found selling textbooks to students even when they are sub-standard, and coercing students to by them with various threats to fail them if they fail to buy books. This is bad but, government and Ministry of Education has influenced these happenings. I’m not saying what they are practicing is good, rather, some of them have been found in it because they have to look for alternative ways to make ends meet.

Neglect of the majority minors screams in all corners whilst policies and Constitutions, bent and maligned.

No gain saying the fact on how the Federal Government had brought in JAMB that is used as a means of milking the citizenry dry every year just because of the much necessity thrown at us, by the society of getting educated. Not relating anymore with the fact that enough scholarships are far-cry as rampant in other countries that helps the minorities who are intellectually sound and want to study but for which free education for all has become lost in transit.

Our Leaders and Politicians has been found guilty of sending their children abroad and brag, about the same. Many of them flaunt their wealth and keep spitting lies about how they bag certain unknown degrees in Institutions outside the country. The Senate President has been found doing the former, with many others swimming in the latter.

In spite of all, despite all of these, Nigerians have kept mum!

The will to learn has been on the increase amongst Nigerian youths and even the adults are not left out, as they are being found heightening and widening their intellectual horizons to keep themselves away from being tagged ‘Dinosaurians”.

The recent news that trends around the Nigerian educational community is the increase of tuition fees not minding the pocket-tearing admission fees demanded by most schools.

I for one believe that at this crucial moment where our country is experiencing downturns in most sector, the educational sector should rather be given a boosting morale instead of dampening the hopes of people seeking to gather knowledge.

Little wonder why many do all in their capacity to study outside the country even if it demands borrowing. They have studied this nation and have seen that anyone who wants to attain the desired height of greatness either scholarly or in any other fields, mustn’t await the government of this day, for all they delight in is to sweep the nation’s wealth in their well embroidered white Agbada apparel and receive many with their white teeth smiling on the outside.

Nigerians are fuming, they have a very good resistance habit but when their “shock absorbers” gets worn out and they get back to the government in any possible way of revenge; either wars or mutiny, they shouldn’t be blamed, for they have well waited for a bettered but given a battered change.

When people have chosen to find succour in the government institutions but neglect and heart break is what they get in return, then it is nothing but shame on the ministry that umbrellas this sector!

Let me quickly ring you an alarm of remembrance if you have forgotten that, plethora of the governing body had enjoyed from the free education given to all during the Awolowo times because your parents were also like many of ours but, you scaled through ignorance vis-a-vis illiteracy and here you are today, in lucrative positions not willing nor wanting others to prosper. You claim that you want to be called a success after all but, can there ever be a success without a successor? How are you mentoring others? Let that keep in ringing!

Someone had said that Nigerians are suffering from poverty. The Westerners had tagged us as being poor. However, we aren’t poor at all be it materially, intellectually, name it; only that we are being deprived of showcasing what we’ve got and can do for Nigeria, Africa, and the world by Nigeria. We see our people in countries like UK, America and other developed countries; developing things and making things work for other countries other than ours because we have refused to take responsibility to develop and brush up our tools (students); we are sound upstairs. Our system is sick upstairs due to bad, haphazard operators.

Government shall direct its policies towards ensuring that there are equal and adequate educational opportunities at all levels, Government shall promote Science and Technology- Nigerian Constitution, Section 18(1).

For Polytechnic graduates having to go through the process of Post Graduate Diploma or Conversion programmes before being certified to obtain Masters Degree form, is it not sickening? It is really barbaric for some graduates to delve into the next level of education straight, on a platter of gold, in the name of paper (Certificate) while others go through a useless process before doing same. What disturbs and disheartens me the more is the fact that graduates with low, pass marks in University takes this process in which Polytechnic graduates with Distinction is also obliged to sit for. It has gotten that bad!

A Third Class University graduate being likened to an assiduous Distinction, Higher and Lower Credit graduate of a Polytechnic lacks meaning and any sound explanation as defense; it is becoming unacceptably incessant.

However, many of us are ever ready to #Standwith9ja though we are out-cast, yet will we stand if and only if this country is ready to make the wrongs right and continue to right the rights.

Re-positioning our academic standard cum parlance will involve procreation and disbursement of more educational equipment to all state and federal institutions, improved payment of teachers’ salaries and allowances without any hiccups, employment of fresh graduates to both administrative and teaching part of Education, re-work of syllabus at all levels, respect for Polytechnic and Technology based schools graduates, with many other right actions; we shall reach our desired height of academic excellence.

EDUCATION is Light, help us gain access to this light, and we’ll make Nigeria shine brighter than all! Give us the opportunity to learn, and we will become great and illuminate the dark path in the life of the country; thence shall we re-affirm the real saying that, EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

Also, government should not fail to do the needful, adhere strictly to the dictate of the Nigerian constitution. Human development is worth more than infrastructural stride.

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!